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The Democrat Party is Undermining Our Economy and Our Security

American Flag upside down distress

I’m concerned seeing nightly films of the flood of people coming into our country illegally with no checks, all unknown histories and characters as the Federal administration spokespersons tell us “the border is closed.”

It surely isn’t and Americans living around that area say it is not.

Another Biden promise being kept but who does this benefit? Not American working families who will inevitability feel the costs of lost jobs, stagnant wages, inflation, and the rise in taxes and crime.

Can there be any reasonable excuse for allowing hundreds of thousands of unemployed and unskilled workers to compete for entry-level jobs, limited government assistance money, housing, medical services, and all the other expenses this flood will bring to our nation? Not as far as I can see and the morality argument rings hollow when this liberal policy harms our own people.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has reportedly ordered his state to begin building sections of the wall where most illegals find easy access. He is doing what the federal government is required to do under the Constitution but the democrats in power refuse to do.

Marxist Socialists running the Democratic Party are currently doing everything possible to undermine our economy and security.

Violent crimes and murders rates are soaring and on the floor of congress, anti-Semitism is on full display to the point where even a few elected democrats are calling it out and that’s the first sign of sanity by them in a dozen years or more. Still, that party is not only anti-Semitic but anti-Christian and anti-White; promoting of teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools proves.

This brings me to the debate about our “government schools” and the risk of losing federal funding if students attend alternative schools.

I might be more concerned if the traditional schools were doing a great job educating but for decades now American student’s grades are at or near the bottom of other developed nations. That’s just not right!

It has come to my attention that Federal law does not require schools to be run by the government only that they be appropriately funded by it. I believe the time has come to have the funding follow the student and allow parents to choose schools that they feel are best and reflect their values and needs.

Some real competition in the American education world would be of great benefit for as we know monopolies only provide a minimum necessary. If a community fears loss of education funding the answer is to provide better education not to lower standards to make it look better.

But what’s the chance of that with the “Democratic Party” running things?