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Monday Overnight Thread “A Needle in Every Arm” Edition


The Overnight thread is really just the last published post of the day (Eastern Time). It could be anything from a regular post to a meme-storm to a link dump.

Tonight it’s a link dump. And we’d again like to thank David for the curation and commentary for tonight’s overnight, titled; A needle in every arm.

More COVID19 links and related news for you to review and explore at your convenience.

We’re not making any claim about any of these links other than these pages, data, commentary, and research are out there, and that they bring up points, you may find interesting. And you will. We have jabs and more jabs, court cases, book cooking, and dead pilots and reports.

Dig in!

Why third jabs are inevitable
** Third jabs.  And fourth, and yearly, or semi-annually, or even quarterly as a few have put forth.  Profit after profit after profit, with ZERO LIABILITY.
Nice business model – at least pushers have to worry about law enforcement stopping them.  These guys?  Have law enforcement pushing people TO them.
Five years before a vaccine can ‘hold the line’ against Covid variants, England’s medical chief says
** And then it will be another booster, and another, and another.
Medical professionals break silence on covid “vaccines” and the widespread harm they’re causing
** Multiple anecdotes of side effects, but this quote – to me – is the telling one:
“Dr. Alex Vasquez pointed out that fraud was used to determine the vaccine’s efficacy. “At first the FDA gave emergency authorization based on antibody response which they mislabeled as “efficacy” and now they say that antibodies are meaningless and should not be measured,” he said.”
My translation of this?  The sole metric of “effective” used for the emergency authorization has now been declared meaningless.  So why is it still authorized?  Why are they pushing it to 12-year-olds?  And testing it on even younger kids?  In the face of this, there can be only one reason why it is still being pushed: a needle into every arm.
Man who declined COVID-19 vaccine speaks out after undergoing double lung transplant
** Get the Jab!  Get the Jab!  Danger, danger, danger!!! GET THE F*CK!NG JAB ALREADY!!!!!!  Related:
Many patients with COVID-19 produce immune responses against their body’s own tissues or organs, finds study
** It attacks the circulatory system.  It attacks the lungs.  It apparently gets the body to attack itself.  Tell me, please, how such a thing evolved naturally
(and I ask this as someone who firmly holds that evolution is true).  Again, GET THE JAB BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!
Third COVID wave to hit India by October: Reuters poll of experts
** And more fear-fear-fear!  Take the Jab, take it now-now-now!  More:
Health experts push for vaccinations as variants gain ground
Holocaust Survivor’s Shocking Interview: Compares COVID Vaccine Segregation & “Great Reset” to Hitler’s Master Plan
Describing COVID-19 tracking technology and the two-class society of “vaccinated” or “non-vaccinated,” Vera asked, “Sound familiar? Will ghettos, detention camps follow? And how will people be killed? Once you start having these two-class systems, you will not prevent a global holocaust.”
Asked what the globalist endgame is, Vera answered, “Read ‘The Great Reset.’ Klaus Schwabb. That is a must. It’s laid out, and it’s (essentially) to finish the job, only it’s global. It’s to go beyond Hitler. This is global. It’s about population reduction.”
Federal Court rejects constitutional challenge to mandatory quarantine hotels
** Canada.  Mandatory quarantine is “Constitutional.”
CORRUPT CDC Caught Cooking the Books on COVID: Undeclared War Against the American People
Exclusive: Dad Says Life ‘Not the Same’ for 21-Year-Old Student Who Developed Myocarditis After Second Moderna Shot
** Quote:
“As recently as last week, Moderna said it has not found a link between its COVID vaccine and cases of a rare heart inflammation condition reported in young people who have
received the shot.”
Of course not.  They never will until it’s forced on them.  It might endanger their cash-cow income stream.
** But… but… but you have NO PROOF that it was the shot that did this.  </sarcasm>
Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week – Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine
News Anchor Found Dead Hours After Covid Shot