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Saturday Overnight Thread – Abel Ebenezer Anniversary Edition

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The Abel Ebenezer Brewery in Merrimack makes superior beer they will deliver to your home. June 12 is the anniversary party. I stopped by to pick up a few 4-packs and left several hours later.

I ran into friends. Tom, who writes for us. General Don Bolduc, of whom you may have heard. I saw some people I’ve not seen in years. We were all there to celebrate this great craft brewery in Merrimack.

Able Ebenezer is an homage to the inspirational actions of New Hampshire citizens who rallied behind Ebenezer Mudgett in 1772 to defy British oppression. History remembers this event as the Pine Tree Riot.

Did I mention that they make superior beer?

Abel Ebenezer 2

They do, and if you have not had it, you should.

My wife and I hung out with friends had enjoyed some quality draft, available in cans (and yes, they deliver).

And the place was packed, which it always is—a testament to the product and the people.

It might not be the best overnight thread, but it is most certainly the tastiest. Good New Hampshire entrepreneurs, and they are good pro-liberty folks.