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Report – Smartphone COVID-Tracker App Installs Itself Without Consent (Like a Virus?)


Even if you’re not concerned about the likelihood of being tracked or surveilled by the technology in your life, this might be disconcerting. The MassNotify COVID-tracking App, developed by Apple, and Google, reportedly installs itself without your knowledge or consent.

That sounds like a virus to me. A techno-plandemic engineered in the labs of big tech snoopers that have very intimate relationships with communist China (where snooping is systemic – a culture Democrats and Big Gov. would love to emulate).

I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding.

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The app notifies users who have been near a person that tested COVID positive, and the tracking is conducted using the Bluetooth. The app claims that the tracking will be “completely anonymous, with no location tracking or exchange of personal information.” Furthermore, it promises to not share any location data or personal information with Google, Apple, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or other users.


Oddly enough, at least for me, the biggest problem here is not that the app installs itself surreptitiously without the device owner’s knowledge. That’s bad, criminal, actually, and I oppose it. But this is not what irks me most. It is a culture that has convinced people they should voluntarily install such a thing in the first place.

If the Germans had this technology in the 1930s, their version would try to detect Jews.

Does that chill the blood enough to make my point?


User Callie M wrote: “App automatically installed without consent. Weirdly it has no icon, and I can’t find any way to open it and see if it could be useful. Bizarre that the state did something like this the very day the state of emergency ended, when over half of adults, myself included, are vaccinated. What info could possibly be necessary with this egregious level of invasiveness NOW? A year ago it would have made sense.”


No, Callie M, a year ago it would not have made sense. The test was flawed; the cycles cranked up to give false positives. That choice was made by the same people who locked us down, quarantined, unemployed, destroyed businesses, vaccinate us, and now tracks us (or wants to).

These same people decided when they wanted the pandemic to end. So they ordered the testing cycle counts reduced, which resulted in a precipitous decline in positive cases. But they still want you vaccinated and tracked.


“This installed silently on my daughter’s phone without consent or notification. She cannot have installed it herself since we use Family Link, and we have to approve all app installs. I have no idea how they pulled this off, but it had to involve either Google, or Samsung, or both. Normal apps can’t just install themselves. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but this doesn’t count as “voluntary.” We need information, and we need it now, folks.”


The moral of the story is not, don’t trust Apple and Google (who are, btw, two of the biggest big businesses in human history – and that’s supposed to be bad), it is “stop believing everything your government tells you.”

Stop blindly trusting politicians.

If you’d like to be the real resistance, it will require you to question the state at every opportunity. To consult the opinions of scientists not approved by those in power (including Apple, Google, Facebook, and the media).

You need to become – without their consent – the tracking app for your local, county, state, and federal officials.

A job, not coincidentally, they are trying to make as difficult as possible exercising the same power they used to convince you to hide from a virus you – in all likelihood – never needed to fear.

Not that this moment in history is without fear.

The real virus, the real fear, is an expansive progressive government whose cure, whose vaccine, is us. Delivered without their consent, under protest, daily.

The MassNotfiy App is just another wake-up call that is using COVID but has nothing to do with COVID (much like the political response to it).

If you can’t get past their manufactured fear to see that real threat, then a tracking app that auto-installs on your mobile device is the least of your problems.