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Palate Cleanser – Personal Copter


We’re seeing a lot of these kinds of “personal aircraft” starting to come onto the market; I love’em and think they’re a pretty great innovation.

Flying like a bird without an airframe around you. Sure, I bet it’s loud as all get out but the FREEDOM of this thing – no hanger, no airfield, no ATC to deal with if you’re doing it right, and able to bounce into the air relative to the time to get a regular aircraft into the air.

It looks like just so much fun!

Yeah, just like the new jet power (e.g., “Iron Man”) personal aircraft, time is limited. This is, after all, battery-powered:

Given the small size of the battery pack here, and the well-known energy density issues of lithium batteries, we don’t expect it stays in the air very long at this point. This is likely the chief factor behind why it looks so ungainly; large diameter rotors produce lift more efficiently than smaller ones, so the Copterpack needs these big fans until energy storage becomes a solved problem.

Their website is a problem, too: just a single page.

(H/T: New Atlas)