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Obama’s DHS to Skip Murphy: YOU are a Terrorist!


Bumped / Updated from April 21, 2009.  Again, you never fail to find stuff you never remember when you go searching into our Archive. Once again, here’s proof that the Left doesn’t give up.

“Extremists” as defined by our Government are targeting Normal people – us. Just listen to Dementia Joe in that made up nonsense that White Extremists are the worse problem we have – especially that regular folks have been forcibly redefined as “Enemies of the State” for just being Normal. Here we are 12 years down the line, and we’re seeing the exact same playbook being run.

Yup, Obama’s Third Term…

(H/T: Chuck for the certificate)

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful – it is just so nice to see that my Government has targeted me, via the Obama-appointed,  Janet-Napolitano-led Department of Homeland Security newest report.  You know, the Department that isn’t going to uphold the law by arresting illegal aliens anymore?  The one that says that we should be concentrating on the Northern border instead of the proven leaky Southern one?

And that newest report basically has singled me out as a terrorist.  After all, I am a born again Christian going to church pretty much weekly, pro-life, a social conservative (who believes in traditional values), a fiscal conservative (that government shouldn’t spend what we don’t have and is spending too much on stuff it shouldn’t), believe (and practice) both my First and Second Amendment Rights, believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (and believe that the Feds have strayed far afield from it), am against illegal immigration, associate with like minded people, and via GraniteGrok and Meet The New Press, help other like minded groups, and my radio show will probably be targeted by the FCC if not by the Democrat CongressCritters.  My Eldest is a prior Marine living at home and my Youngest is with the 101st Airborne.

Think that qualifies me? I betcha the night scopes are looking at me right now as I’m typing this with laser targeting / EMF-audible sound techniques picking up every keystroke I’m tapping.

Paranoid?  Nope.  ‘Cause I’m FAR from the only one with those qualifications; I think Obama’s Administration has decided to target a majority of US citizens (failing that, a sizable minority) for demonization for mere political points.  After all, if demonized, we don’t matter and other people shouldn’t listen to “wackos” like me. Why do I think that?

Saul Alinsky – the rules fit Obama’s actions!

Here’s a piece that fits well – painted as terrorist, :

This report is an effort to convince the public that DHS is concerned with protecting the general public from the danger of potential home-grown terrorist organizations and then morphs into a terrorist extremist itself. The definition of terrorism is the threatened use of force by a person or organized group against people with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments often for ideological or political reasons. The right-wing of this nation is the group being terrorized by the President’s administration. Conservatives are being threatened by the force of words with the intention of menacing and coercing us into surrendering to a left-wing, liberal narcissists ideology and political persuasion.

Saul‘s protégé knows that “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” The danger of being viewed as a terrorist, extremist, being grouped together with militia men who threatened to kill illegal immigrants, domestic terrorists, Ku-Klux Klansmen and White supremacists, is being used as an Alinsky inspired means of control to daunt and smother political opposition.

Barry Soetero, ACORN community organizer, sees us as his own large scale neighborhood and he is applying Alinsky organizing techniques on us to pressure us into submitting to his socialistic plans for this nation. The Narcissist-in-Chief is lifting his leg on a group of people who refuse to allow him to mark us as his own or transform us into the prescription he needs to address his self-absorbed issues by defining us as terrorist extremists instead of the patriotic Americans we are!

Obama’s desire to target, freeze, personalize and polarize fifty-percent of the population and make conservatives or right-wing political adherents a bigger threat to the safety of this nation than true Islamic extremists that desire to see us destroyed. His view of those who disagree with him has been exposed in this report, as well as his pathetic clutching at obscure, pitiable, rare examples in an effort to isolate and shut down opposing political dissent.

He’s a bit late – Lefty Progressives have been doing this for quite some time – many of us are already immune to it.  Consider this too – is this a President not about letting a free people be free.  This is all about changing the US from a Republic to a European Socialist Democracy

He’s got a problem though….we aren’t sheeple or scared corporation or shivering politicians.

Think Patton as he stood in Africa’s Tanzania desert after defeating Rommel in battle:

Rommel… you magnificent bastard, *I read your book*

Many have and many more will also now read Alinsky’s book.  Time for some political MMA.  After all, YOU work for us, not us for you.  2010 is coming – WE will pick off your legislative minions one by one by one. And then we will politically pick Obama off in 2012 – joining that other loser of a President – Jimmah!

Terrorist?  My BEhind…..sheeple give up….sheepDOGS bite back!