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Mass Pandemic Pimper Creates VaxMillions State Lottery to Get Folks to Take a Chance on The Jab™

Baker unvaccinated

Our rulers can’t make us get The Jab™ (yet), which is a problem for them. Bragging rights, pissing contest, a mental-health disturbance in the force. Whatever the motivation, they need people poked, and when politicians want something, they have two choices. Threats or bribes.

Existing law does not permit the threats that could mandate this ‘treatment’ (yet), though the non-stop fear has done plenty. But not enough. “The Surge” has waned. Faded. Dwindled. People are not rushing out or lining up to get the populist pandered experimental inoculation anymore.

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“Sales are down” if you take my meaning. But politicians are still pimping the pandemic, and the spice must flow. So, Maskachusetts Governor Charlie “Parker” has a plan. Bribes.


Gov. Charlie Baker on Tuesday announced a new “VaxMillions” lottery to entice those who haven’t gotten protected against the virus to join the nearly 4 million fully vaccinated residents. The Massachusetts Lottery will conduct weekly drawings between July 26 and Aug. 27, with five $1 million payouts to fully vaccinated residents over 18 years old and five $300,000 college scholarships to fully vaccinated children between 12 and 17.


Hey kids, get a vaccine you don’t need, and we might help send you to a school where you’ll be taught self-loathing and how to hate America. And it’s “someone else’s money, so why would you care?


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said last month that vaccination rates jumped by 45% after the state announced the Vax-a-Million lottery. Baker said he spoke with DeWine at length about the program.


DeWhine,” like Baker, is a Democrat in Republican clothing. A card-carrying shill for the ruling class pining for a seat at their table when the revolution comes.

Yes, the same ideological class as the Sununu’s, so I’m surprised Gov. Chris has not introduced one here in the Get The Jab™ or Die State. C’mon, man, do it for the good of the collective.

And you might need that money to pay for your hospitalization or funeral expenses if this “vaccine” isn’t right for you because we gave everyone but you immunity.

And that includes next flu season when they’ll blame you for not getting vaccinated.