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Liberals Don’t Understand the Terrifying Force of Death

The Next Civil War

The Left may well find out what the answer will be to “Why didn’t we just leave them alone?”:

We just wanted to be left alone

I think that the backlash to Critical Race Theory is but a very small taste of what may be coming. The TEA Party was merely fighting against Obama and his ideological kin when The LightBringer ballooned that all of us were going to help pay the mortgages of those whose homes had gone underwater. The problem is that many of us knew of folks (like my former neighbors across the street) that just kept taking cash out of their homes during the runup to the 2007/2008 crash.

With CRT, its different – it isn’t our money taken from us, it is the Education system taking our children, OUR CHILDREN, from us. They believe our kids are really theirs – parents are just in the way of raising the kids “correctly” to THEIR morals (and not the Parents). Parents, in a Cold Fury fashion, are now saying “Hold mah beer” – but the intention is not to do, as that phrase connotes, a very stupid thing…

…but a very NEEDFUL thing. It’s one step away from what is intimated above. But the Left keeps poking, poking, and poking. Their problem is that they are so full of themselves, from their self-granted Moral Superiority, they don’t believe the rest of us will go up to that Red Line, that last Tipping Point.

Well, if you are willing to take our Children, what really is there left to lose for the rest of us? And you will be held responsible in many angry and UGLY ways. For if you have decided that our Morality is of no account, well, we just may throw it totally aside. No self-governors at play at all.

Now, go read that meme again.

(H/T: Matt)