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Hollis Explores Critical Race Theory

CRT - bad for your kids

An all-star panel of speakers from around the state, as well as legislators sponsoring and supporting HB544, designed to stop teaching of Critical Race Theory, spoke to a group of over 100 townsfolk in Hollis on May 6th. Presented in order of appearance, with a final wrap-up by Kent Blumenshine and Sue Homola.

First up was Rayla Campbell, candidate for Lt Gov of MA, a conservative Catholic who grew up in Scituate, and who broadcasts a weekly show from Nashua:

NH District 12 Senator, Kevin Avard talks about moral relativism in our society, and how if we don’t know what we believe in, others are going to impose their belief and control systems upon us


NH House Representative for District 40, Keith Ammon, talks about HB 544, which seeks to limit the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools, and especially lays out what it does, and does not do, as well as the popular misconceptions about it.


Hollis’ own State Rep Sue Homola talks about the Increasing prevalence of Critical Race Theory and pressure brought to bear on (mostly white) students from K though 12. While one set of parents say “it isn’t happening here!” another set of parents and students report harassment and an increasing pressure to conform and plead guilty to “white privilege.”


Joe Garruba, local Hollis activist (AboutHollis.com) describes how Critical Race Theory is sneaking into our school system, and how a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) panel of education insiders has been formed to make CRT part of the curriculum under an innocent sounding title. Do not be fooled – Equity is NOT the same as Equality. Martin Luther King would be aghast!


Keith Ammon takes questions about firing Marxist teachers, getting HB544 onto the Governor’s desk, and Right To Know requests to expose Critical Race Theory in our schools.
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Dan Richards, Entrepreneur, Dartmouth (Tuck Business School) Alum, moved his family back to Hanover, NH recently, where he discovered that Critical Race Theory was being taught in the schools. During a parent-teacher zoom session, he expressed support for HB544, after which the moderator and techers would not allow him to speak, and since when his family has been ostracized and harassed. He wants everybody to know that parents need to be involved and engaged in this fight for the good, and mental health of their kids.


Meet Lily Tang-Williams, a Chinese immigrant and US Citizen, married for over 30 years, and aghast to see the “Cultural Revolution” come to the United States in the form of speech restrictions, cancel culture, and of course Critical Race Theory. The message is simple – don’t let it happen here!


Former Democrat, Dr Karlyn Borysenko, is a organizational psychologist, and a workplace trainer, who first encountered Critical Race Theory (also called ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) creeping into the corporate environment around 3 years ago. After some investigation, and disgusted with the lies and deceit, she became part of the #WalkAway movement in the run up to the 2020 election. Listen to her outspoken, and well-informed critique of CRT!


Hollis GOP Chair, Kent Blumenshine, and Hollis State Rep, Sue Homola, wrap up the meeting with a summary and call to action.


Featured Image: AF Branco of Americans for Limited Government pinpoints the damage done by CRT