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CRT DEMANDS that it be Fed – Stack of Stuff Part 7

Ashleigh CRT instructor

And onward we traipse through that sludge known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) – the pestilence that is just as bad as Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors except there’s no humor at all.

CRT DEMANDS that it be fed and woe to those that don’t bow to its Wokeness (yep, just another shameless shame). So, here’s a few more links to peruse. And if you don’t want to read them all, be sure to read the LAST one:

In Loudoun County, Dad Has 2 Reasons to Take on Critical Race Theory

But perhaps no story resonated more strongly with the crowd than that of Rivera, who has a son in a Loudoun County middle school and a daughter in a county elementary school.  His two children also happen to be biracial, and his daughter has special needs.  “I don’t subscribe to identity politics, but since I married a wonderful woman who happens to be white, my son is white,” Rivera told the crowd. “My daughter tends to favor her Hispanic heritage.”

Attendees at the rally against critical race theory Saturday listen intently to a speaker at Loudoun County Government Center in Leesburg, Virginia. (Photo: Douglas Blair/The Daily Signal)
“According to critical race theory,” he added, “my son should have white guilt and white privilege, simply because of the color of his skin.”  Critical race theory puts individuals into groups of oppressors and their victims. According to its proponents, whites are always oppressors and minority groups always oppressed.

A school district in Virginia is appealing a judge’s June 8 order to reinstate an elementary school gym teacher who it suspended for saying he wouldn’t call children who “identify” as transgender by their “preferred” names or pronouns.  “Many students and parents at Leesburg Elementary have expressed fear, hurt, and disappointment about coming to school,” Loudoun County Public Schools said in a statement Friday announcing the appeal.

That’s because you are not either practicing or teaching of Basic Civics of which the Freedom of Speech (and not the stupidity of your emotions) should be uppermost. Shame on the Parents for holding that view because Life gets much harder and your little ones need to understand that not everyone has to agree with them. How about “NO!” once in a while?

Byron “Tanner” Cross, who a Loudoun County Circuit Court judge ordered reinstated, had spoken out against proposed changes in school policy during the portion of a Loudoun County School Board meeting reserved for public comment, as The Daily Signal previously reported.  The Loudoun County public school system suspended Cross two days after he said at the May 25 meeting that he would not “affirm that a biological boy can be a girl, and vice versa,” citing his Christian faith. Judge James E. Plowman Jr. said in his June 8 ruling that Cross’ suspension with pay “adversely affected his constitutionally protected speech.”

And if you don’t like it that someone is practicing their First Amendment Right to “Freedom of Expression” (e.g., religious freedom), again, how bad is your knowledge of Civics and understanding that Government is not allowed to do what the Loudoun Ed system is doing? Let’s also ask “where’s YOUR “tolerance” of Cross’s “diversity”? And certainly, your knowledge of basic biology?

How easy can this be? NO Government entity can or should be allowed to compel speech from someone just because it dissents from “Government Speech” – a phrase of the Left that is now starting to popup more and more and is meant as “Government Speech cannot be dissented from. All other speech against Government speech will be squelched.

By asserting that the problems with America’s educational system stem from systemic racism, the NEA is, in effect, blaming others for the failures of the country’s public school system—while absolving itself of any culpability whatsoever.

Consider the fact that in 2019, the NEA voted against rededicating itself “to the pursuit of increased student learning in every public school in America,” yet approved resolutions to “incorporate the concept of ‘White Fragility’ into NEA trainings/staff development, literature, and other existing communications on social, gender, LGBTQIA, and racial justice,” to “promote the Black Lives Matter Week of Action,” to “educate members and the general public about the importance of reparations,” and to “call on the U.S. government to accept responsibility for the destabilization of Central American countries (including, but not limited to, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua), and that this destabilization is a root cause of the recent increase of asylum seekers in the United States.”

A very clear case of not education but indoctrination. After all, indoctrinate the teachers, do you really think they’d resist the temptation and just educate our kids in what we actually pay them to do (which certainly is not this).

Hollywood is relentless in pushing leftist messaging in entertainment. And they’re aiming to indoctrinate younger and younger audiences. Now Disney’s “woke” agenda is targeting toddlersVladimir Lenin once said, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world,” and leftists have been determined to live out that proclamation.

…“Antiracist” does not mean being against racism; it’s a neo-Marxist idea that uses discrimination based on race is necessary in order to bring out equity, i.e. equality of outcome. So the radical Left wants to combat perceived racism with racism. This is the basis for Critical Race Theory (CRT), which has become mainstream doctrine in Democrat Party politics, and it’s being foisted onto children. And Disney is getting in on the act by producing short films for kids between the ages of two and seven to teach them about race and racial injustice.

“‘Rise Up, Sing Out,’ an animated shorts series presenting the concepts of race, racism and social justice to young viewers, is coming to Disney Junior. Designed for children ages 2 to 7 and their families, the series will include music by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter of The Roots…A viewing guide for parents is being developed for parents by The Conscious Kid, described on its website as an organization ‘dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth.’”

 The key word in that press release is “equity,” which is a trojan horse word for socialism.

The announcement comes on the heels of Disney scrapping CRT training among company employees. Information about the training leaked, which triggered a severe backlash.

Not fine for our adults but fine for your kids. Just ducky, isn’t it?

While many have been trying to hide any correlations and links between critical race theory and Marxism, one assistant professor openly admits that CRT is based on the teachings of socialist revolutionary Karl Marx. Glenn Bracey, an assistant professor of sociology and criminology at Villanova, is a strong proponent of critical race theory because it has Marxist roots. Bracey made the admission during a remote discussion about critical race theory on Zoom. The seminar was posted on Villanova’s official YouTube channel, which turned off comments on the video titled: “What is Critical Race Theory?”

Bracey appeared to promote critical race theory at the private Catholic institution by comparing the controversial ideology to religion.

“Given the power frankly of the church to move politics, given its funding, given how so many people come to the academy first with the church as a large backdrop in their lives, it’s important that we as critical race theorists be able to speak to them on their terms,” Bracey said, according to the Post Millennial. “So I would say that we as critical race theorists should continue to be aggressive in promoting critical race theory, that we should us say how it relates to spirituality and religion in particular.”

Translation: by any means necessary or possible. It’s called “lying”.

 Bracey then admits that the anti-racist ideology of CRT is rooted in Marxism.

“So the core question for critical race theory is one of releasing people, especially people of color, especially black people, from the oppressive systems that deny us access to our species being, including racism. It’s Marxism,” the assistant professor stated.

This next part? No, no, no, no, NO! It’s clear that he is using the words of Evangelicalism without understanding what it really is. But it sounds good, doesn’t it?

“Marxism is fundamentally a spiritual concern, and it’s the same spiritual concern that Evangelical Christians have, and that they believe that all people are made in the image of God, and they are endowed by their creator with special abilities, creativity, individuality that needs to be manifested in the world,” he said. “So the church and critical race theory actually have the same purpose with respect to the Marxist origins, even though Evangelicals don’t seem to recognize that,” he added.

That’s because it SHOULDN’T. There’s no “spirituality” in Marxism – only the Power it can obtain, wield, and keep. Sorry, just one more little dribble that he’s preaching heresy:

“Evangelical Christians are very upset about critical race theory because it is self-consciously grounded in Marxism,” Bracey proclaimed. “Now, when Evangelical Christians hear critical race theory is grounded in Marxism, what they hear is, religion is opiate of the masses, that religion is a distraction from justice, that religion is nothing more than fictions that are—that make people deviate from reality.”


A Black woman who went on BBC as a guest opposite Eric Bolling, the former Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting Group host — and a White male — basically said that if you’re Republican, you’re racist; if you’re a White male, and profess to care about the Black community, you’re a liar.

This is exactly what’s wrong with Democrats in America. They throw the race card wherever, whenever, at whomever they can, without care, concern or consideration for how wrong, how very wrong, they are — or how stupid it makes them sound.

Can’t make a logical argument? Accuse the other side of being racist. Can’t defend your view with facts? Label your verbal sparring opponent a racist.


And then there’s the actual Law – I’m pretty much using the whole post from Powerline as it outlines a number of ways in which those teaching or practicing Critical Race Theory are breaking Civil Rights Laws – and We the Normal People can sue their pants off for racial discrimination. We need more examples of these (reformatted a bit, emphasis mine)!

When I first encountered critical race theory (CRT) in the early 1980s, I considered it an interesting, albeit flawed, part of a larger interesting but flawed academic movement — critical legal studies. Nowadays, however, I consider CRT to be superstructure built to cover the fact that Blacks, to a disproportionate degree, have not done what it takes to succeed in a society where barriers to their advancement have largely been removed (and where Blacks sometimes are treated more favorably than Whites due to their skin color).

CRT has produced a war on standardsstandards like grades, test scores, rules of school conduct, criminal laws — that are supported by common sense and vast experience, and that wouldn’t be questioned if Blacks were meeting them to the same degree as Whites and Asian-Americans. That war is destructive. America can’t be a great country if it discards important, time-tested standards. I doubt it can even be a well-functioning society.

But the war on White identity and American history seems even more dangerous than the war on standards. A nation that teaches children to hate its history and to demonize a plurality of its population is probably doomed. Fortunately, as John Murawski at RealClearInvestigations documents in detail, CRT is under challenge in courts. Here are some of the legal actions he describes, along with my tentative, off-the-cuff thoughts about the cases:

 *[A] California suit filed last year by the two white men alleges that the state hosted a discussion series in 2020 in which speakers stated “that any disparate outcomes in society must be the result of white supremacy.”


This statement (above) is CRT in a nutshell. It’s blindingly stupid. However, it’s also an expression of opinion. I’m not sure California violated the law by airing this rubbish.

*A pair of lawsuits filed in 2019 by four white women against the New York City public school system allege that a diversity trainer told employees, “White colleagues must take a step back and yield to colleagues of color,” and that they should “recognize that values of White culture are supremacist.”

Under the law, Whites need not “take a step back and yield to colleagues of color.” In fact, it is a violation of the law to require them to do so. It seems problematic for an employer to sponsor such a demand or exhortation. Certainly, an employer who sponsored a speaker who told Blacks they need to yield to Whites would be in trouble. Telling employees to recognize that the values of White culture are supremacist seems to border on racial harassment, which is prohibited under employment law. An employer that sponsored the view that Black culture is problematic might have difficulty defending a racial harassment suit. The same difficulty should obtain here. However, in both scenarios — a suit by a White or a suit by a Black — the employer might be able to defend a harassment suit by arguing that the harassment wasn’t severe or pervasive.

*A 2019 complaint filed by an Illinois public school teacher led to a finding that as part of a year-long course on equity and diversity, seventh- and eighth-graders participated in a white privilege awareness exercise that required them to remain “in silence” and with “eyes lowered” as they responded to a facilitator’s prompts.

This is obvious racial harassment. The direct victims are students, not employees. However, the teacher might be deemed an indirect victim, depending on the facts. As for the students, I would hope that the Constitution prohibits the government from singling them out for harassment to which fellow students of different races are not subjected.

*A 2020 lawsuit filed by a 12th-grade biracial student and his African American mother says that a civics class in a Nevada charter school taught that “reverse racism doesn’t exist” and that “people of color CANNOT be racist.”

As doctrine, this is nonsense on stilts. However, it’s expression of an opinion. Without more, I’m not sure there’s a legal case here (but I might be missing something).

Sorry, it IS Racism (and I’m getting away from “reverse racism”) straight up as long as you hew to the philosophy that ANY such action against someone simply because of ANY color of skin is used against another.

…Murawski also quotes Douglas Seaton of the Upper Midwest Law Center, which is planning to file lawsuits challenging the imposition of CRT, on the stakes of the legal battle ahead. Seaton says:

You can’t have a country as diverse as ours without equality before the law. It’s a recipe for communal violence, tribalism. You can’t simply proceed that way. You’d be doomed to internecine battles between groups.

But that’s where we’re headed as the race-baiters are stirring the pot like this. It’s almost like they want a REAL race war – which will end badly for all sides.