College Institutes $1500.00 Per Semester Fee for Unvaccinated Students - Granite Grok

College Institutes $1500.00 Per Semester Fee for Unvaccinated Students


If you can afford the $62,000+ tuition to attend Rhodes College with 2000 other “students,” they’ll want you vaccinated. The school just announced a $1500.00 per semester fee for unvaccinated students and faculty.


Students who choose not to receive the vaccine can file a medical or religious vaccine exemption before the start of the Fall semester. Non-vaccinated students will also be required to undergo weekly COVID testing. 

Rhodes College Vice President for Student Life Meghan Weyant told WREG3 asymptomatic testing was free for all students in the Spring semester, but as vaccines have become available, the college expects students to get fully vaccinated.


So, you can only go unvaccinated with a note, and even then, they are going to charge you and mandate weekly testing.

Pro Tip – go to school someplace else. Might I suggest a trade school? You won’t have to put up with as much crap from the #woke children running a place like Rhodes (and most of academia). You’ll have less student debt (if any) and a job right out of school that earns more money.

And guaranteed work doing something that needs to get done.

Or you can go to Rhodes College and learn to be an inclusive self-hating beta who carries water for Marxists convinced you’ll have a seat at that table when the Republic comes crashing down.

You won’t. You may not even survive the transition.

It’ll be violent and ugly.  And one of the first things the new order will do after it has power is to imprison or murder everyone that is no longer of use. Antifa, BLM, the Gaystapo, 3rd Wave Femininstas, Illegal immigrants, and what’s really amazing is they will teach you this, and you will adore them for it, but you won’t learn anything.

Of Course, the people who fit that profile will already have run out and gotten vaccinated so they can attend the pride and anti-whiteness rallies and not pony up the extra 15 Franklins every semester, and that’s a thought.

Maybe Rhodes is using the fee to keep anyone who is not sheeple material from ending up on campus.