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CDC Reports Heart Inflammation in “Some” Children After Receiving The Jab™

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Remember that time in May 2020, when the NYT reported that “15 Children Were Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness Possibly Tied to COVID19?” Here’s a reminder. The Media got itself in another tizzy.

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It was a “Mysterious Inflammatory Condition” in Children, similar to Kawasaki’s Disease.

The Left jumped all over it because scaring people was fun but scaring parents was better. The problem? Kawasaki’s is far more common in Children than anyone wanted anyone to know. A fact they tried to hide that leads us to today’s news.

From the NY Post“CDC investigating mild heart inflammation in a small amount of vaccinated teens, young adults.”


The CDC says it is investigating a small number of reports of young COVID-19 vaccine recipients experiencing “mild” heart inflammation.

The government health agency said it has received “relatively few” reports of predominantly male adolescents and young adults developing myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.

“Most cases appear to be mild,” the agency said.

Officials were not alarmed by the cases but said healthcare workers should be aware of the “potential adverse event” in a May 17 statement.


We’re there more than fifteen? We don’t know. What we do know is that the CDC is a pack of political stooges whose policies have harmed children, none of it a result of any virus.



Kids, even when symptomatic, are not great vectors for this flu. No children in NH have died from it, and very few have been hospitalized. But we’re doing something else to them as part of the political response; vaccinating them anyway.

And a few of them, maybe more than 15, could experience a mysterious inflammatory condition about which almost no one in the media will report. Much like their systemic silence on the mental health risks, unnecessary masking risks, remote learning less of life years, and all the rest of it.

Another demonstration about how it’s not for the children (or women, or Hispanics, or blacks, or the poor) it’s for the politics.