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Black America – Democrats Are Not Doing This for You, They Are Doing It for Themselves

Democrats are the virus

Aren’t the inner cities proof enough? Decades of Democrat rhetoric contradicted by decades of Democrat rule. Outcomes. Facts on the ground.  The results of their policies in real-time. The Political Left is not interested in helping Black Americans, not even a little bit.

Being the party of Black America to Democrats means subsistence living at their whim and a life trapped in crime-riddled poverty.

Last summer, in the name of reversing their decades of damage to the lives, faith, and culture of African Americans the Democrats blamed police departments run by Democrats for just as long.

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Their cure was to allow thugs to burn and pillage their neighborhoods, rape their women, beat, and murder them. They even “invited” little-white middle-and upper-class suburbanite-a**holes dressed in black block to help with the mayhem.

As if to prove how much they are just abusing people of color, one of the co-founders of the movement to make crime matter in urban America, became another race-pimp millionaire living in a predominantly white upper-class neighborhood.

Pointing any of this out, according to those crackers running the urban plantations, is racist. Mentioning the crime, drug abuse, homelessness, disease, the destruction of the family – that’s racist too.

Yes, pointing out their racism is racist.

Regardless of color, sex, gender, age, or ethnic origin, the Democrats running these scams are the racists. They are responsible for the high taxes, low services, and underperforming public schools that trap children in generational poverty.

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The unions, run by the left or that run the left – you decide – prevent education choice at every opportunity. Democrat politicians do their bidding.

None of this is to help people of color. It is to help a political party accumulate power on the backs of Black Americans.

Critical Race Theory, the latest inspiration in so-called liberation theology (progressivism is after all a secular-humanist faith) is no different. It serves only the politics of power.

Just like everything else.

And if you don’t stand up and oppose that, and then everything else they’ve done, the opportunity to escape the urban plantation will cease to exist at all. There will be nowhere to run but to the party. And unless you are powerful or connected, there’s no room for you there either.