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Apple Pie is Racist

Apple pie

If everything is racist, nothing is. Thankfully racism against white people – according to the systemic CRT Black Supremacy Complex – isn’t racist. It is but not to them. It’s not bullying either, but then it is.  And Apple Pie (In America) is Racist ‘cuz reasons.

The Guardian has a lengthy piece on why Apple Pie in America, or as American as Apple pie, is racist, colonialist, and representative of food injustice (and so is beef, but let’s try and focus).

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No, we’re not talking about the inaccessibility of some people to some food (even Apple pie); that’s “food insecurity.” Food Injustice is an exercise in mental masturbation where insecure people rant about food to advance a political agenda.

This happens in rich nations where naval-gazing, a**hole-intellectuals are permitted to spend too much time  – for far too much remuneration – overthinking idle thoughts. Like hey, let’s pay able-bodied adults to remain unemployed, and tweet!

Racism, Racism, Apple Pie, and CRT!

For the record, I am not disputing any specific or assumed (so-called) fact about the origin of the components of an Apple Pie, how they came to these shores, the spread of the fruit trees, or the idea of apple pie in American culture. My concern is that this lengthy mountain of crap is a lot like the one-sided garbage spewed by the “indigenous people’s” crowd.

It ignores a lot of facts for one purpose. To diminish the success of Westernism and the American Republic in particular so that failed proto-socialist states can try to scrabble for the left-over bits of that pie. Apple (metaphorically) or any other garden economic variety.

And it is clearly an excuse to justify more government intervention because of “whatever they say.”

You can try to read it (choke it down is more appropriate) here, and if it had a sound it would sound a lot like this, so, I’ll try to save you the bother and explain it in one sentence.

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“Food Justice” is just another Marxist vector for undermining the Constitutional Republic.

And as with the indigenous people’s schtick, you are expected to ignore reality. These people – none of whom were indigenous to North America, were slaughtering each other, keeping slaves, and conquering lands for resources for millennia before Europeans tried it here.

After which, we created America and began ending a practice that continues in parts of Africa and Asia and the Middle East, and South America, where food security, any security, is of little interest to these armchair “activists.”

They can’t go there and bitch in person – they’d get tossed in prison or murdered in their sleep.

But America is the problem?

No, America is the solution.