"When Libs Give You Triggers, Squeeze!" - Granite Grok

“When Libs Give You Triggers, Squeeze!”

Bill Burr ranks high on my list of favorite comedians. He says whatever he wants, and he doesn’t care if you are offended. That’s the point. If it bugs you don’t listen or turn it off (I think Liberals used to say that back in the day™, so double irony).

And as offended as they claim to be, they have to watch and listen.

Their lives only have meaning if they are offended or (pretending to be) outraged in the name of others who may or may not have the sense to be offended or did not care before someone insisted (damn it!) they should.

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Talk about a crappy way to live.

But I guess they are not content to be miserable on their own because, as we know, misery loves company. Making others miserable is their mission.

In contrast, you have people who see this weakness and exploit it. Schadenfreude. Finding enjoyment in the misery of others, if you like. Or – my mantra and one that the ‘Grok takes to heart – “when libs give you triggers, squeeze!”

Th ey need to lighten up.

And then there’s Bill Barr.

He makes a living making people laugh, and he’s good at it. I’m also rather fond of Ron White, a crass, cursing, to hell with it all, a self-deprecating laugh riot. Both are successful, but Barr is a bit more my style. Fast-talking, cerebral, in-your-face comedy.

The guy makes me laugh.

So, here is, talking about Cancel Culture which itself deserves to be canceled.

This short bit is from an SNL appearance, so there’s no “adult” language, and that will make Skip happy. It’s funny, and you deserve to laugh.

I laugh all the time, thanks to the easily triggered leftists. This will probably trigger a few of them. And make a point of listening to the audience’s response. This was recorded in NYC. At several points, you can tell they’re not sure if they are allowed to laugh, and that’s funny too.

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