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Vermont Towns Line up to Let Non-citizens Vote in Local Elections

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Vermont is not just a step to the left of New Hampshire; it is a leap. And not because of the Connecticut River. But many in the Green Mountain State are making that transition in the direction of the Granite State, not to escape Wackadoodle Vermont, but poison our well with its toxic ideology.

So, how long before we have to deal with this?


Democrats in two Vermont towns are pushing for noncitizens to be allowed to vote in certain elections but must seek approval from state lawmakers first. The Vermont House of Representatives approved the changes earlier this year.

“All resident (or non-citizen) voting in local elections has failed to make it to the floor twice before in the #VT Senate. Today it passed in the #Montpelier Charter on a vote of 21-9. A step forward for inclusive democracy,” Vermont state Sen. Kesha Ram wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.


The other town is Woonoski, which a few decades back pondered building a dome over the town. Why? To protect it from systemic man-made cooling and reduce energy costs and consumption. Back then, the consensus among the experts was that we were going to freeze or starve to death or both.

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How times change.

These days #Woke Woonoski is all-in on us boiling to death instead (and glad they skipped that dome if I had to guess) so,


“Voters in the small city of Winooski, which has one of the highest concentrations of new Americans and immigrants in Vermont, have decided to allow noncitizens the right to vote in local elections.”


The Vermont State Senate gave its okay, and it looks like clear sailing from there.

Gov. Scott (R – Transdemocrat) is expected to let it become law without his signature, setting a nice little precedent with a hitch.

It is still illegal for non-residents to vote in Federal elections, so the amended charters do not permit non-citizens to vote for Congress or the presidency. They are also prohibited from voting in state-wide elections. School boards and budgets, and town councils appear to be the extent of these new rights.

So, even if they can grant it, it’s not a right to vote. It is permission to vote when they say. It’s a non-residents-only voter drinking fountain.

And that’s already a covered bridge too far and clearly an act of incremental insurrection.

Their goal is to allow anyone to vote anywhere, any time, for any reason. State sovereignty, like national sovereignty, is racist, as long as we’re not expecting these non-citizen-climate-displaced, mobile-migrant-workers to vote overwhelmingly Republican.

If that were the case, we’d have several divisions patrolling the border and a wall that would make China blush with envy.

Remember, everything is politics. Once you accept that, you’ll realize why Dems should never be handed power (or allowed to steal it) and how badly America has and will be screwed over.

A nation or a state with no sovereign rights or citizenship rights will not brook towns or people with them. There can be no natural right to anything, only what the government allows and then only to whom they choose and when.

That’s the road we’re on, and it leads to a ruling class (probably corporatist) Oligarchy with a permanent wall around its power to keep us out.

You may have noticed the Capitol is surrounded by guarded fencing.

Yeah, it’s coming, and in a nation where the States and their sovereignty are the only things standing between the American Republic and the USSA, Vermont can’t wait to put its hands up and surrender.