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A Note to Radical Race-Baiting Progs – Mother’s Day Was Founded by a White Woman

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If you are a supporter of Black Lives Matter, are you supporting moms on Mother’s Day? It is a holiday started by a white woman honoring another white woman (her mother).

Anna Reeves Jarvis is regarded as the founder of Mother’s Day.  It is an idea she would pursue until its success and later commercialization so offended her that she tried to get the day rescinded.

If you woke up this morning (and you did), you’d recall that failed to happen.

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Anna was a white woman from West Virginia.

The other woman credited with influence on the day is Julia Ward Howe. Howe wrote the Mother’s day proclamation but might be more well known for penning the battle hymn of the republic. You may have heard of that.

She was an abolitionist and supported women’s suffrage, but she was white too.

And since we’re on the subject and it seems to matter, the days of the week are named after white gods, and the calendar we use is a product of two white guys, an emperor (Julius Ceasar) and a Catholic Pope – gasp! – (Pope Gregory XIII).

In this hyper-sensitive period in our history, we must address the nature of everything (your rules) before we allow anyone to participate in an activity.

In other words, if you are going to be like this, you can’t celebrate a day that exists when the calendar, the name, and the people responsible for its veneration were not of color.

CRT advocates, BLM supporters, and all you other left-wing shills pimping the divisive Marxist concepts, drop those capitalist-enabling cards and flowers and suck your cultural hitch-hiking thumbs in a corner.

Or you could come back to reality, abandon the hate, and celebrate moms. I’ve had many “moms,” surrogates if you like, of all races, colors, and religions, and occupations. Moms of friends, girlfriends, employees, even moms I worked with who were still like moms, handing out advice – not always prompted) in the interest of my well-being and that of others.

I appreciate all of them and celebrated all of them (at the time), though admittedly not nearly as much as the mother of my children.

So to everyone else, those who can just be moms and kids or surrogate moms and kids, Happy Mother’s Day.