Sununu Uses the Left’s “No Widespread (Massive) Voter Fraud” Trope - Granite Grok

Sununu Uses the Left’s “No Widespread (Massive) Voter Fraud” Trope

Sununu Sun King Laughing

So … if you have been following the “Windham incident” thing, you know the audit was rigged to prevent investigation … direct and indirect … of the Presidential ballots.

But fear not, dear Voter … the rigger-in-chief of the 2020 election in New Hampshire, the Granite State’s self-anointed Sun King … Chris-I-Am-The-Constitution-Sununu … who gave us no-excuse-absentee-voting (which made it much, much easier for Biden to cheat) under the pretext of protecting us from COVID … HAS SPOKEN:

“A discrepancy of 300 votes out of over 800,000 cast does not define massive voter fraud by any means.”

No evidence of “widespread” fraud, “massive fraud”, etc. etc. etc. are tropes from the Left (which terms (“massive fraud”), unfortunately, Trump has repeated), to avoid addressing particularly identified allegations of voter fraud. Such as certain swing States pausing the votes on election night, with Trump on his way to victory … only to see massive voter dumps in favor of Biden when the counting was resumed.

The 300 vote “incident” in Windham may just be the proverbial “tip of the iceberg.” It may not. But we will never know … BECAUSE THE AUDIT IS RIGGED.