Sky News on Biden: "There will have to be a presidential resignation shortly." - Granite Grok

Sky News on Biden: “There will have to be a presidential resignation shortly.”

Dipshit biden wears mask on interntional zoom call

Joe the joke Biden is a laughingstock on the world stage. So then are we, seeing as we either voted for or allowed him to be elected; however, you’d like that to look.

People around the globe have noticed, no, it’s not just you. And media around the world know it too. This guy is a joke, and so are we. Alan Jones from Sky News made time to point this out and to observe, rightly, that this is bad for the world.

Here’s the YouTube blurb, but the video below is only five minutes and worth the time and the Friday Morning wake-up call.


Sky News host Alan Jones says putting Joe Biden in the position of “leading the world’s democracies” is “elder abuse,” and there must be a “presidential resignation” soon.

“China is militarising ports across our region. It has invaded Taiwan’s airspace. What did the leader of the free world have to say in his first address about any of that? Nothing,” Mr. Jones said.

“And no mention of Israel, with reports in the last 48 hours that former Secretary of State John Kerry, now Biden’s Climate Change Tsar, dished details of covert Israeli actions to the Iranians.

“And you mean to say this bloke, Biden, isn’t cognitively delinquent?”

Mr. Jones pointed to a video grab from President Biden’s address to Congress where the president appeared to stumble over his words and lose his flow of speech.

“Putting Biden in this position of leading the world’s democracies is elder abuse. His incoherence is not new, but it surely can’t go on – there will have to be a presidential resignation shortly.

“If we don’t think the free world is in a mess, we are bad students of the current international situation.”


A bit of foreign opinion fun to start your Friday.


One more point. In the featured image of the zoom call, Biden is the only “world leader” with no indication in the background of his nation or status. No flag, nothing. Just a pale cloudy blue background, probably the one from ‘senior’ picture day.