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Ruh-Roh – “Warming Causes Cooling” Experts Admit Warming Does Not Cause Cooling

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In the early part of the last decade, the green meanies (not to be confused with the Blue ones) decided that a lack of warming (real world) should not interfere with their Climate fantasy. Someone, somewhere, decided that cooling was proof of warming.

Or that warming caused cooling or, did you get that? Where warming once made snow a thing your kids might never know, the refusal of snow to comply with the theory meant that warming must make it snow more.

This was a justified leap in the mind of the cult. The world had delivered the opposite of what the theory required. The consensus had to be right, so they changed it to fit the faith.

Warming will end the earth. You create the Warming. Your warming is making it less warm but that’s still warming… and so on.

The flip-flop began here.


The idea that Arctic sea ice loss could influence mid-latitude winter weather first gained traction in 2012, in a paper by two climate scientists, Jennifer Francis, now at the Woodwell Climate Research Center, and Stephen Vavrus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison


A warmer arctic, it was theorized, would play havoc on the polar Jetstream and push freezing air south. It’s not a crazy idea. Blocking near the poles can and does push cold air around, so as theories go, it wasn’t as absurd as an airborne trace-gas plantfood super-heating the planet.

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That’s why it’s a theory, and true science never operates on consensus (the political ploy used to create a perception to advance policies).

That makes this a strange and unexpected twist.

The authors of the warming-begets-cooling dogma have backtracked. Evidence suggests that the theory is incorrect. Warmer polar temperatures, regardless of cause, show no long-term evidence that they increase the incidence of cooler weather further south.


In addition to finding only a tiny effect of sea ice loss on the polar jet stream, the models also found no coherent sign of a second proposed effect of reduced sea ice: more frequent disruptions of the stratospheric polar vortex—a second set of swirling winds, much higher up.


In a historical leap, these climate modelers have abandoned a sacred tenant of the faith.

Cooling causes warming, or warming causes cooling (they get mixed up) was their excuse to ignore the pause in temperatures that began at the turn of the century.

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This news has not been widely disseminated.

Is anyone else reporting that cooling no longer begets warming or whatever the hell just happened?

Will they (and this is more likely) make the cooling that prompted the now-defunct theory disappear ala the Medieval warm period?

Should we expect the defrocking and excommunication of the researchers responsible for both the original commandment and its excision? Or, will they be forced to write a retraction?

And how soon before we get to use this on the rank-and-file who were never alerted to the change in “facts” buttressing their concensus?

Not soon enough!