Quick Thought -If You Need Another Reason to Not Watch the NFL... - Granite Grok

Quick Thought -If You Need Another Reason to Not Watch the NFL…

NFL No Fans Left

Yeah – From America’s game to just being another Anti-American mouthpiece: Woke Takeover: NFL Hires Katie Hill, Former Obama Comms Director.

The NFL continued its trend of hiring liberal former White House communications and public relations people this week by making former Obama communications director Katie Hill their senior vice president of communications. “As Senior Vice President, Hill will be responsible for leading the NFL’s day-to-day communications operation, aligning the League’s communications strategy with its priorities,” the NFL wrote in a press release. “She will work closely with the leadership team across departments to ensure consistency of messaging and strategy, and to elevate success stories. In addition, she will lead efforts in identifying reputational issues for the League and across the 32 clubs and developing strategies to mitigate their impact.”

“Mitigate their impact” – whoops, too late! Yes, there are still a lot of die-hard fans that will watch the NFL pretty much no matter what. The Right, however, is already leaving with most of us that follow politics and put a love for this country ahead of any player’s histrionics have already done so. BLM preaching started a lot of others for the door. Just WAIT until all of these Leftist Government “Spox Dudes and Dudettes” keep it flying it into the ground and start introducing Step #2 – Critical Race Theory into the NFL’s utterances.

When that starts, I’m just waiting for the White player’s lawsuits to start. And this is CERTAINLY true:

With the hiring of a former Obama communications director, one would bet against the NFL altering their social justice messaging anytime soon.

And that’s a sure bet. The Left has now captured (Hill is just yet another Obama retread) the NFL. The Left HATES the NFL, having seen it as one of the “Ramparts of Culture” it didn’t already march through. Since going SJW, attendance and viewership have been tanking – and only the Good Lord above knows what this next SJW is going to do in trying to complete that process.

Go Woke, Go Broke.  Good Riddance

(H/T: Brietbart)