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Pot Calling the Kettle Black – FDA Arrests Woman For Selling Unproven COVID Remedies

Virus - Fear - Tyranny (Garrison)

A Carolina woman has been arrested for selling “misbranded, adulterated drugs” that she called “natural vaccines” that could “relieve COVID-19 symptoms.”


The investigation began when an FDA investigator found a website in March 2020, Holistic Healthy Pet, advertising homeopathic remedies touting “Corona Viral Immune Support and/or Active Respiratory Infection for all ages.”


Correct me if I’m wrong but are there any approved remedies that could relieve COVID19 symptoms. Actually, there is. Hydroxychloroquine. The FDA and the political establishment went on a global scare campaign to frighten people away from it.

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In its place, they offered masks, distancing, quarantine, lockdowns, the idea of essential and non-essential civil rights, and a few unapproved experimental vaccines.

That might help relieve symptoms or (in the case of the nonchemical treatments) lessen the spread.

There is no serious evidence that any of them did any of that.

That does not necessarily absolve the accused and alleged, Diana Daffin, entirely.


In August, the FDA warned the Holistic Healthy Pet website owners again, this time warning against the sale of unapproved medications for pets, which must also be approved by the FDA if they are advertised as treating any specific condition. Daffin emailed back, writing that she would stop selling the HAMPL product line.

Another undercover FDA investigator emailed Daffin in February 2021 to ask after her products. After buying remedies meant for pets, the investigator emailed Daffin, writing, “too bad none of this holistic therapy worked on the COVID 19 virus, then you’d be all set.”

Daffin replied, ‘This stuff does work for COVID, but FDA shut it down,” she wrote.


She eventually sold products to the undercover investigator and shipped them to New Hampshire, resulting in her arrest.

Supplements are a big market, and many people operating there may not be what they appear. This does not mean that they do nothing (for pets or people). Just having hope is a bigger cure than many people realize. It lifts the weight of your immune system, allowing it to do its job better.

Mental health matters, and that aside, adults need to make informed decisions, but it looks like Daffin did break the law.

The irony is that the people arresting her are engaged in the same thing (minus the hope) with the support of the media culture-war machine and the power of federal approval – their own.

They continue to alter facts to prevent the possibility of informed decision-making so that they can then (at least this is how it looks) perpetuate public health tyranny.

While Diana will face the consequences of her actions (maybe she should have tried selling crystals), the FDA, bureaucrats, and politicians can make what they have done legal to avoid the same fate or give themselves immunity, another thing they’ve been working hard to prevent over the past 13 months when it comes to COVID19.