It's Part of the Reason GraniteGrok left Twitter and Facebook: "There can be no Dissent from the Narrative" - Granite Grok

It’s Part of the Reason GraniteGrok left Twitter and Facebook: “There can be no Dissent from the Narrative”

Map of the blogosphere 2006

The Left believes it is in the ascendant. Why not? They’ve all but accomplished Italian Socialist Antonio Gramcie’s strategy for America: if you can’t openly wage economic class warfare, then make Culture that battleground instead and insert Race into it. Capture the Media, Capture Education, they’ve rejiggered Societal norms, they’ve demonized traditional they’re Capturing Capitalism, and they have Captured the Federal Govt’s Levers of Power – and now they are trying to Capture that most Powerful of American Values:

The Freedom To Speak Your Mind In America.

SHUT UP,” THEY EXPLAINED. That Was Quick: Twitter Bans Trump’s New Account.

President Trump’s new communications platform, “From The Desk of Donald J. Trump” was launched earlier this week, but if Big Tech has its way, you won’t be hearing what he has to say on it. On Thursday, Twitter suspended a new account created to share posts from the new site, citing their policy against users bypassing suspension with new accounts. The Twitter account @DJTDesk had been created to post updates on Trump’s new site, and it was suspended Wednesday night.

Twitter can do what they want but it’s clear it’s personal. It’s clear that The Donald has a message they don’t want to hear. But it’s also clear that the usefulness of Twitter to many is proving too little for the time spent. I dryly note, as other have as well, again that Big Tech is trying to set the Narrative and make no mistake, Big Tech has also been captured by the Left.

This banning of Trump isn’t a surprise. It is a symptom of something worse.

This is not news – the “Blogosphere” started out a rather disconnected, dentralized entity but as more and more folks started their own sites, well, the above image happened – a network within the network of the Internet. LOTS of talk, lots of opinions, lots of cross-pollination across the Internet. It was kinda hard to get started if you weren’t technically oriented in that you had a get a server (somewhere: yours if you had the skilz, hosted else where if you didn’t (or, like me, didn’t want to spend the time being a Sys Admin (again)), set up the site (again, tech skills needed to install and configure web server software and all the other stuff, and then monitor it all). Then Blogger, TypePad, Yahoo, Moveable Type started to host such sites making it easier for those that wanted to be online but wanted to WRITE but not write code.

And then Facebook made it far easier, as well as Twitter (and other social media sites as well). Easier – a good thing, eh?  More discourse, right? Less hassle for an individual and like minded specialty interest groups. Sure, but at a price.

For a while, yes but as many observed (and we watched our traffic dropped during the transition), the FBs and Twitters ended up as gated communities – everything easier but everything walled up. Instead of a dispersed environment, the majority of users stayed within those walls – sites on the outside withered and died. I just look at what happened here in NH – we’re one of a handful that are politically oriented as much of the discussion went to where it was “easier”. Hey, stuff evolves.

But so has the Big Tech sites – having Captured the discourse, they are making it plain that YOUR speech is being monitored and nudged. Say something wrong, get a warning to return to “Right Speech” as defined by them – and them alone. Continue on YOUR path and you get “Interrupted” by shadow banning or outright lock out (which has happened to both our “outposts” on both FB and Twitter).

An abusive relationship. And certainly they have made it clear that YOU are their product handed on a silver platter to advertisers sliced in hundreds of different ways. You are there just to make money for them by handing them your personal data to be minded for even more gold for them. And you let them do it.

What I do see, in some small part right now is a growing movement away from Big Tech on the Right. Why should we play by their rules, allowed only their sense of speech, just to be treated akin to a battered spouse?

So, all of the above is a set up for this – start frequenting other sites than FB or twitter. Yes, go back to that time before Twitter and FB and go read those individual or small group sites that are the Independents! Read their stuff, leave a comment or few. FB and Twitter centralized the focus of the blogosphere only unto themselves.

It is time, IMHO, to return back to the decentralized version – where it makes it harder for speech to be quashed and stomped on simply because your ideas are at odds with THEIR Narratives. Let a thousand flowers bloom – yeah, that’s the ticket!  Sure, I want you folks to keep GraniteGrok in your Favorites and keep reading us but let’s also start building / rebuilding a more robust, more resilient, and more decentralized NH blogosphere with other Conservatives and Libertarians that understand, live, and breath Liberty and Freedom with every keystroke they press. Give these folks a chance to get their voices heard. Let them know where you stand!

We want to help with that. After all, if we don’t stand together, we will most assuredly hang together. And that IS what the Left wants – the Internet is but one tool that is almost in their pocket.

Get to work folks!

(H/T: Instapundit)