Iranian Man Burning a Flag at Death-to-Israel-Event Sets Himself on Fire - Granite Grok

Iranian Man Burning a Flag at Death-to-Israel-Event Sets Himself on Fire

Iranian Man sets himself on fire burning Israeli flag

Quds Day or Jerusalem day is supposed to show solidarity for the Palestinian struggle. This year a Quds Day “celebration” heats up when the (I assume) traditional burning of the Israeli Flag goes sideways. An Iranian man unintentionally sets himself on fire.


The video shows the man lifting a burning Israeli flag and attempting to wave it before a sudden burst of wind causes the fire to quickly spread down the pole and to his clothes. The man responds by dropping the flag and running frantically – hopefully to a nearby pool.



No word on the condition of the man practicing unintended self-immolation in the name of intolerance, but what is clear is that they don’t teach stop, drop and roll in Iran.

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Running when on fire makes more fire, so unless there is some water you can drop into (getting there quickly might then be a good idea) nearby, accelerating the burn might not be the smartest move, Abiz.

I know being on fire has a way of making you crazy, and it’s not exactly something you practiced, but one easy first step is not to burn stuff.

On a breezy day.

In a sweater that looks poufy and flammable.

I’m sure he learned his lesson. Start with a smaller flag?

No, next time burn a pride flag. You’ll get a lot more media attention, and liberals will actually hate you for doing that.