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If Americans “Hoarded” Liberty like Toilet Paper or Gasoline…

Toilet Paper empty roll fear don't panic

The latest crisis that is not “the real crisis” is gasoline. Not everywhere. The southeastern united states panicked after a hacker incursion promoted Colonial to shut down its pipeline. It was not unreasonable, exactly. Stations ran out of gas.

A primary carrier of diesel and jet fuel, the shutdown, promoted by what turned out to be a ransomware attack (Russians did not hack the pipeline), resulted in dried-up watering holes across the mid-Atlantic and some central Southern states.

To the best of my knowledge, there was no run-on toilet paper, but people have been spotted around New Hampshire, with no fear of shortage and only minimal impact on the price (a few cents), filling gaggles of gas cans, just in case.

Just in case.

I wish people would learn to hoard liberty (their natural rights) like that. Harbor an ever-burning need to accumulate the resources that protect freedom.

And the natural common sense and a healthy distrust of the motivations of politicians and government that come with them. Things not disconnected to the reliance on the Colonial pipeline that resulted in the current circumstances.

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That “crisis” is also a direct result of decades of government (energy) policy.

The nation and its people have allowed fringe environmental groups and a few deep pockets that back them and their politicians to handicap the nation.

If we had more refining capacity and more energy infrastructure, the ransomware attack on Colonial could have been a blip. A short-term rubber-necker slowdown with ample alternative workarounds. That lack of capacity is entirely the fault of politicians and policy.

And while it did not have a direct or immediate impact on New Hampshire or our neighborhood of states, there’s a lesson to be learned. One we’ve been trying to teach for many years before the lesson learned is cold and hard.

One that ties into the deep freeze and blackouts that hit Texas this past Winter and should be at the forefront of every policy-makers minds around these parts.


The Northeast has gobs of gas, just not in New Hampshire. Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, west and south, have massive shale deposits. It’s not far, but then it’s too far. Left-wing Politics makes it near impossible to get it here where we need it.

In the 2018-2019 cold, we had to pay top dollar to get NG shipped from foreign lands to the New England grid to keep the lights on. All while there’s affordable, abundant stock just down the road apiece.


Liberty and Energy

We have three Republican governors across New England who would rather pander to wind and solar the way they pander to the public health tyranny. These men openly abandoned our rights on a whim in the name of public health. Erased civil liberties. Actions and policies that are detrimental to our long-term physical, mental, and economic health and overall well-being.

And if public health trumps everything, more wind and solar are the last things New England needs.

We need natural gas pipelines and power line corridors/ Energy, period. Reliable, on-demand power and heat. If for no other reason than that, our beautified medical care professionals cant heal us without it.

Things a Trump Administration would have helped us achieve but that a Biden Administration will hinder or block.

People need to stop dancing to whatever tune the political piper plays.

Instead of hoping that they can hoard enough of whatever they think they need, how about collecting and protecting the liberty necessary to ensure there is enough for everyone willing to work for it and some leftover for those who legitimately cannot.

The government and handouts have a lot in common with wind or solar. The moment you really need them, they will fail to deliver, leaving you not just out in the cold but bereft of recourse because of the real crisis.

You were convinced it was more important to be the mask-police, to distance, or to get the vaccine than to come together and make your government protect your rights instead of helping it take them away – which is what they will do to your toilet paper and gasoline, while the police-state you facilitated perp-walks you away for hoarding.