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Data Point – The Granite State! Arms Manufacturer to the US!

Maj Toure All Gun Control is Racist

I did not know this although with the number of companies in the Second Amendment biz resident in the State, I figured NH to be high on the list – but not THIS HIGH!

For the most part, you couldn’t pay me to live in the Northeast. No offense to those of you who live there, but it’s a deep blue corridor where pro-gun sentiment tends to be pounded into the pavement by larger urban areas. Yet New Hampshire seems to be something of an exception.

To start with, their state motto is, “Live free or die.” What’s not to love about that?  For another, they’re the little red island surrounded by blue. Plus, they like their guns up that way, having been permitless carry since 2017.

I prefer Constitutional Carry but I’m not quibbling with the guy that brought us the news (emphasis mine):

However, even if you don’t live there, you’ve got a reason to celebrate New Hampshire. They made more guns than anyone else in 2019.

Based on data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which analyzed five categories of firearm production (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and others), the report identified the states where most firearms are manufactured. In 2019, New Hampshire accounted for the most firearm production of any state, with 1.2 million guns, followed by Missouri, Florida, North Carolina and Mississippi. Those five states made up more than half of all licensed firearms produced in the country.

New Hampshire produced the most rifles, at nearly 328,000, and pistols, with more than 700,000, in 2019, while Florida manufactured the most revolvers: nearly 190,000. Texas produced the most shotguns, at about 191,000, while Mississippi followed closely behind with 188,000. The two states made up 79% of all shotgun production in 2019.

The 1.2 million firearms made in New Hampshire represent $600 million in sales…a nice economic boost…

I really hope that this makes the local NH branches of Moms Demand Actions actually be the Moms All Droopy Heads for all the results they’ve had in taking away our guns. Remember, these are the folks that I told that their fears don’t trump my constitutional Rights (I turned around at a NH House hearing while testifying on some gun bill to tell them that – Chair Renny Cushing (D) wasn’t amused).

(H/T: Bearing Arms)