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Criminal Justice- We Need a Voice for Victims, Starting in New Hampshire.

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Daniel Horowitz has some things to say about criminal justice and sentencing reform. No, not the sort the left likes that lets violent felons out of jail; he means the sort that keeps violent felons confined. He is also talking about finding a voice for their victims.

And he’s using New Hampshire as an example: “Violent criminal released by New Hampshire judge accused of brutally raping a woman in cemetery six days later.”

Amuri Diole represents everything that is wrong with our justice system. He was arrested on April 29 for allegedly assaulting a woman in a Manchester, New Hampshire, cemetery for two hours, smashing her head on a grave marker, raping her, putting a knife to her neck, and threatening to kill her. Like almost every one of these heinous criminal acts, this one was allegedly committed by a man who was incorrigibly violent and should never have been on the streets but was indeed released just six days before.

According to the Manchester Union Leader, Diole was arrested in November 2018 for reportedly brutally beating a man in Merrimack who was nice enough to employ him, despite his troubled background. During the attack, Diole allegedly broke the nose, jaw, and eye sockets of his victim. Despite five years of cycling in and out of psychiatric hospitals and being diagnosed with homicidal tendencies, Diole was not kept off the streets even after this demonic assault. He was in and out of jail since 2018, racking up more criminal arrests. Over a year later, the victim of the assault still had not gotten justice, and in January, Superior Court Judge Charles Temple ruled that Diole was incompetent to stand trial.


He should not have been on the street to commit assault and rape, so the system is broken, just not in any way anyone feels inclined to discuss.

That’s the sort of criminal justice reform we need.

And not just in Manchester. As Horowitz noted in his audio, we have a nationwide pandemic of violence. The result of a system that can pitch a fit when citizens refuse to be confined over a virus, few need fear but can’t seem to keep violent felons from wandering among us to commit more violent crimes.

No gubernatorial state of emergency over that, but suppressing the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens is always an option.

Yes, something is broken, and we need to fix it.

I’ve grabbed an excerpt from the podcast and shared it below (or in the audio bar above) as a primer. You can listen to the entire thing here if your curiosity is piqued.

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