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China Wanted to Weaponize a Coronavirus Part 2

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Yesterday, we shared some breaking news. A document attributed to the Chinese Military on weaponizing a coronavirus as a form of biowarfare. It wasn’t on cable news or the alphabet networks, so you can be excused if you missed it. But don’t miss this too!

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Again from Australia, a broadcaster takes 10 minutes to explore the details of the literature from a 2015 book “written by People’s Liberation Army scientists and Chinese Public Health Officials…heralding ‘a new era of genetic weapons…unleashed in a way never seen before. ”


One of the authors of this book is the former Deputy Director of China’s Bureau of Epidemic Prevention, Li Feng, and the Editor-in-Chief of the paper, Xu Dezhong, was the leader of the SARS epidemic analysis expert group under the Chinese Ministry of Health. He reported to the top leadership of the Chinese Military Commission and the Health Ministry during the 2003 SARS crisis. He briefed them twenty-four times. He also prepared three reports for the General Office of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, and the General Office of the State Council. He gave two big interviews on Chinese State TV and appeared in six news articles. He was responsible for sixteen national and military command topics.


The point is not to suggest that the 2019-2020 event was a deliberate bio-attack. SARS CoV2 has proven to be a lousy biological weapon. But the idea that it was under development and escaped becomes more intriguing, as does this. That any surge in patients “could cause the enemies medical system to collapse.”

Sharri Sky News China Weaponizing SARS

Deliberate or accidental, whatever that was, I think we can say that the test drive was a success.

Check the report out (Sky News) for yourself (local copy available if YouTube yanks the one below).