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A Bleg and – I’m looking for some special people: NH, ME, or VT Conservative bloggers

Map of the blogosphere 2006

Liz from “Life with Liz” just asked for folks that have taken The Jab that experienced any side effects that would be willing to go on her show. I’m looking for another type of folks.

I want to create some “effects” (yes, yet another idea for a project) with other Conservative bloggers, either standalone (one person) sites or as part of a group blog like GraniteGrok.

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Years ago, on Fridays, I used to do a series called “‘Roundabout some of the NH Conservative sites – week of XX/XX/XX.” I’d look at what they had done that past week and if something caught my eye, I’d cross-post it here to alert folks “hey, there are others out there!”

I’d like to restart that again but a lot of the sites I used to visit are now dead. A decade is an eternity in the blogosphere – much faster than “dog years.”

But other portals have started up since then – and I’m asking for help in finding other Conservative and Libertarian-leaning political blog sites.

Or even other sites that concentrate on other areas but occasionally drift into a political post. We got started because a number of “bigger” sites linked us and it is time to go back and return the favor to others here in the area.

After all, either we all hang together or we will hang separately.

Let me know in the comments or email me Skip@GraniteGrok.com