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Armed BLM Agitators Invade Outdoor Dining Space – Patron Draws his Firearm…

Man draws gun to fend off BLM agitators

BLM agitators are still harassing people in outdoor dining spaces. But this time, at “La Chasse, an upscale European restaurant,” the silence is violence crowd came across something new. You be silent and don’t threaten my life or you’ll meet some violence.

Walk softly and carry a big stick, my mom used to say. This guy didn’t have a big stick, he had a tiny handgun, but that might do the trick in a pinch.


A restaurant employee told dispatchers “that multiple armed protesters entered the restaurant property, which included outdoor dining space,” police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley told Fox News.   

A reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal tweeted several photos and videos of the incident. A man was seen pointing his pistol at several demonstrators during an altercation. Several protesters also appeared to be carrying firearms. Video shared by the newspaper showed a female demonstrator directing others to move away down the block, and tensions at the restaurant appeared to dissipate.


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This is BLM’s first rodeo. It is a common tactic and one that should disturb everyone. Silence is violence is a deliberate effort to compel speech. BLM is using explicitly Marxist tactics to compel speech under threat of harm.

Not only are you not permitted to say things with which they disapprove or disagree if you do not say things they ask (demand, actually), you become a target for violence. Not just by BLM, either. This is a government tactic adopted by the movement.

Ask Lily Tang Williams; it’s straight out of Mao’s cultural revolution but not new to tyrants. They all use it.

So, this guy, he’s not there yet and has had quite enough of their BS, and wants them to know that he is ready to answer any actionable threat of violence with actual violence. The kind that makes you dead.

If that’s the level of violence they are looking for in that situation, who on the left is volunteering to die first for a cause that has nothing to do with what they say. With the understanding that if you’re white, then that’s is silence, they are more than happy to tolerate.