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AR Rifles Are Not What Progressives Want You to Believe…

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I wonder how many people listened to President Biden’s speech on gun control not long ago. I don’t think many did, as they don’t consider him very credible. For instance, in the speech, he stated, “No Amendment is Absolute” ( in the context of his gun control agenda).

Most Americans consider our Constitution, including Amendments, absolute because it is nearly impossible to revoke one. In this case, even the staunchest anti-gun advocate knows the repeal of the 2nd is not going to happen.

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It is the cornerstone assuring the people any government must respect their rights. Without that, no government can be legitimate.

What’s more, the whole anti-gun narrative is based on provable lies. Here are just some examples.


  1.  The abundance of guns creates violence. Wrong! Human violence has been recorded throughout history.
  2. AR rifles are machine guns. Wrong! AR rifles are self chambering rifles, but their triggers must be pulled each time to discharge them. Machine gun triggers only need to be held back for continuous fire, only stopping when the trigger is released.
  3. AR means automatic rifle. Wrong! .AR are the initials of one gun company, ArmaLite, that developed that rifle. The Anti-gun movement has adopted the AR to infer meaning automatic rifle which they are not.
  4. AR rifles are high-power weapons. Wrong! Most of these style guns are intermediate caliber cartridges; none are automatic capable like military weapons.
  5. AR-style rifles can be converted to automatic in local garages. Wrong! Only a skilled gunsmith or machinist with proper tooling could do this, and it’s a federal felony to do or even try to.
  6. Most gun crimes are committed with AR-style guns. Wrong! Most crimes involving guns are committed with pistols.
  7. Legal gun owners commit a high percentage of crimes. Wrong! Less than 1% of legal gun owners commit crimes.
  8. We need enhanced federal background checks. Wrong! Federal laws require background checks for any legal purchase at any licensed dealer anywhere in America supported by FBI records and files and State and local records.
  9. There is a Gun Show loophole. Wrong! No unlicensed dealers are allowed in gun shows anywhere in America, and all gun purchases are subject to the same strict regulations and check system as at dealer stores.
  10. No one needs more than ten-round magazines. Who says! Two or three assailants each with a six-round revolver? No one can know what situations may require.
  11. Guns can be purchased online. Wrong! A gun can be ordered online, but it must be sent via a licensed dealer to a licensed dealer where the buyer is again subject to those same laws, regulations, and checks before the sale can be completed.
  12. Machine guns are abundant in America. Wrong! Very few civilian gun owners can afford such weapons plus these guns require a class five license (collectors mostly) very expensive itself. Otherwise, they are illegal to possess under extremely harsh felony laws.

That politicians are targeting legal, law-abiding gun owners while largely ignoring violent criminal possession and crime should raise red flags as to the judgment and or motives behind these individuals.