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A New Monday Midday Meme Storm

People who hate California

There is no shortage of amusing and thoughtful meme humor, so we’ll keep doing these until someone makes us stop. And I don’t see that happening. One of the fun things about this is all the memes people add in comments so be sure to check those out too.

This week we are again a bit covid response heavy. That continues to be on the minds of everyone because as with most leftist-driven policies, they won’t leave us alone nor will they let us forget.

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We can play that game too, so here’s this week’s Monday Midday meme storm. With an emphasis on people who do not care about or for your covidism (and a few exceptions).

Mild language warning.


doing things I never stopped doing


daughter of a stripper crackhead Biden


catturd -tampons in your ears


suicide bomber free zone


sick until proven healthy



lightning covid


my mask is my immune system

And finally…

I virus so deadly no affect on people who do not care