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We Need to Fight Back Against Corporatism, and Corporatarians and Corporatists.

Big tech control and your freedom

Last weekend, more than 100 corporate leaders … from companies such as United Airlines, American Airlines, AMC Theaters, Levi Strauss … met to discuss how to coordinate their opposition to State voter integrity laws.

If you think this was a “one-off,” think again. As Ned Ryun recently explained in American Greatness:

One reason we have seen so much more of this woke behavior over the last few years is that we are seeing more and more of the indoctrinated youth coming of age after their “educations” in indoctrination centers of higher learning. We can see that influence as they enter the workforce, deciding the rest of the world must be compelled to fit their weird and warped views—ergo the explosion of woke corporatism.

These woke corporations are doing the dirty-work for the Democrat Party. As Ned Ryun explains, corporatism allows the Left to accomplish an end-run around the constitution:

… this is how statists have operated in America for quite some time. Don’t do away with the Constitution when in fact you can sneak in an administrative state without anyone really noticing. Why shred the Bill of Rights in public when you can accomplish the same thing by allowing woke corporations to back door fascism?

Particularly egregious is Big Tech … which has virtual monopoly power over the dissemination of information … and has been openly practicing censorship, including censorship that very likely affected the outcome of the 2020 election. AND continued that censorship after the election by censoring anyone who questioned the propriety of the 2020 election. From Kylee Zempel in the Federalist:

Big Tech, the unaccountable monopolies that we’ve entangled in nearly every aspect of our lives and the veritable gatekeepers of our information, are the nastiest culprits. Throughout the 2020 election cycle and immediately following, these companies, including Facebook, Apple, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Amazon, went on a censorship spree.

That included suppressing information that didn’t service their preferred political candidate, de-platforming conservative voices that cut against their prevailing narrative, digitally burning books they found offensive, nuking videos and channels that offered a dissenting perspective, robbed alternative platforms of the digital infrastructure of the internet, and even silencing the sitting president of the United States.

The lame response from libertarians (who should be called corporatarians) and GOP-corporatists is “Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. etc. are private companies and have a right to censor whomever and whatever they want.”

Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. are each effectively controlled either by a single individual or just a few individuals. So what the corporatarians and the GOP-corporatists are really saying is that a handful of individuals should be allowed to have the power to decide who holds political power in America and to set public policy for all Americans. It is NONSENSICAL to say that our civil liberties are not threatened when these particular “private companies” are doing the censoring. If you can’t tell the difference between a Facebook, Twitter, etc. and a mom-and-pop, then you really need to sit this one out.

So what to do about corporatism and the corporatarians and GOP-corporatists who support it? Here is Ned Ryun’s advice:

… Woke corporations aren’t our friends and we should stop acting like they are. If they want to play games with our rights, we should beat them like rented mules when it comes to their bottom line. Tax breaks? Gone. Boycotts? Across the board. Banning importation of goods made by slave labor? Mmmhmm. That would be delicious and hit hundreds of corporations right where it hurts on the P&L sheet. They want to rumble, let’s rumble. 

And for any Republican or conservative who can’t come to grips with what is happening, any one of them who doesn’t know what the stakes are or what time it is in American history, hit the road. Your naïvete is a danger to us all.

The New Hampshire State Senate now has its turn with the State-budget. A good start would be to eliminate the business tax rate cuts in the House budget and replace those rate cuts with higher filing thresholds (which targets the relief to small businesses – as discussed here) and deeper cuts in the rooms-and-meals tax.