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We Must Resist the Politicization of Business and of Capital Markets

Fascism is Corporatism

Our Founders clearly delineated their vision for us – a limited Government constrained by the Constitution. A large, vibrant, and robust Civil Society that was to be the place for self-governance in action. And that large expanse to be the buffer between that limited government and the third faction, Individuals.

”If we, as a civilization allow even the spirit of capitalism to become part of “the political” and part of the total state, then we will have order—for however long that lasts. If we resist the politicization of business and of capital markets, however; if we determine for ourselves that disorder and depoliticization are the preferable options, then we not only preserve liberty but also preserve the spirit of innovation and expression that harnesses liberty to create wealth and prosperity.

-Stephen Soukup (The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business.)

I know, a broken record for many of you as I have said exactly this over and over again. Why?

Because not enough people know it, and worse, understand what happens when it unravels. And the unraveling has been happening for decades. How?

The comingling of all three into one entity as if that’s the way it is supposed to be. The Socialists / Statists / Totalitarians want those clearly different sections BE those sections – they are barriers to which our Founders tried to prevent – the aggregation of Power by the few (or one).

Too often we hear “We are the Government” as a bastardization of “We the People” having us believe that we and Government are one entity in the Collective.

It’s wrong. Dead wrong. WE AREN’T THE GOVERNMENT!

And now, we are seeing the rise of Corporatism where companies have decided that THEY are going to replace us, the voters, in determining what Government will or won’t do. Look at SD Kristi Noem (whom we have praised for her handling of the WuFlu in her State – Govt gives out information, the voters decide for themselves) – she caved over the Transgender bill preventing biological males from competing on biological girls teams.

The NCAA (a company of sorts, stick with me here) threatened to remove all of the championship tournaments from her state if they went through with it). Effectively, the bill is dead. And, given the results from the GrokMeetup, so is her chances in running for President. That’s what standing up for Principles (or not) does.

Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball have threatened economic war on Georgia concerning election integrity – holding an entire State hostage. I’ve got that list of 107 companies that are ganging up on States over a variety of issues – I have to find it…it’s in here….somewhere, in my stack of stuff.  But know this: it is all being orchestrated by the Left.  EVERYTHING has been turned to being Political.

And guess who are their targets?

Back to the quote. Companies would be a Fourth faction – and with their economic clout, a most dangerous one.

IF and ONLY IF, however, if Red State politicos (since I haven’t heard “BOO” about any Blue State hewing to the Left’s demands) keep caving. Yes, they are responsible to their constituents, but how best to serve them? By submitting to “He who has the Gold makes the Rules” threats?

Or by standing up for the Principle values outlined in our Constitutions and to the Founders’ vision of maximal Individual Liberty? Corporatism cannot nor will that provide that end result – they are only the newest implements in the Left’s toolbox to get RID of those restraints upon Government.

Hey, just look at how NH State Governor Sununu has been ruling, having thrown away any idea of the segregation of Power with “Public Health trumps EVERYTHING” – including the writing of Law by the Legislature, the deciding by the Judiciary, and the Executive Branch only doing what it is told to do in executing the Laws passed by the Legislature and bounded by the Judiciary. He’s being a King.

So which is worse, Companies trying to rule us, or a King.

Does it make a difference?

(H/T: American Greatness via Instapundit)