"We Have A Mask Mandate, too." Sure Thing, Boss - 'Grok Mask Exemption Placard to the Rescue - Granite Grok

“We Have A Mask Mandate, too.” Sure Thing, Boss – ‘Grok Mask Exemption Placard to the Rescue

Lanyard - Medical Exemption

Ah yes, another story of the GraniteGrok Mandatory Mask Medical Exemption placard (with lanyard!) in use.  I wish this video was just a BIT longer but the point was made. It’s amazing when Governor’s own words are used against his own Mandate.

And there’s nothing that local “Mandatory Mask Police” can do when the Exemptions are called out by folks that really understand what the Emergency Order says:



And of course, there’s the admitted racist Jon Morgon (I believe – hard to tell with masks) at the table with the double windows behind him.

Remember, an E.O. is not Law (even as Sununu wishes it to be) and when such an E.O. (in this case, E.O. #74) provides the means to render it useless, it is clear that it was a classic case of Virtue Signaling.

I am also fairly certain that even after we hit “herd immunity” here in NH, there are going to be those in Power that will STILL hew to the current Panic-Porn Narrative (“I DON’T CARE – put your mask on!”).

Sidenote: What IS WMUR ever going to do when this subsides in the next coupla months? Have to let go their chyron writer/tech?

I’m betting that these fools won’t even accept seeing someone’s vaccine card. Sorry, if it comes to that, Imma gonna be one angry hombre – NEVER have we in the US required a “Papers, please” mentality. Then, the only proper response will be “Up Yours, Stasi!”. It will be interesting to watch if their eyes “twitch” in recognition of what the “Stasi” were and the epithet they are now being called…..or no clue at all. Of course, if you run into a young Bernie-Bro that Bruce indoctrinated in his classroom, you’ll have to explain it. Then see whether or not that youngster actually embraces that title of Stasi.

As Niztkahon keeps saying, we don’t want it, but many will not shirk from it if it means protecting Freedom for our grandkids from these Stasi workalikes. After all, I’m now at the age of being expendable…for about the best cause there would be. Who knows, maybe I need to take a trip to the State whose Governor killed thousands of nursing home residents just so he could have the fame of “earning” an Emmy and an NYT “bestseller” about how he lied about his coverup of all those deaths.  That’s what totalitarians do, right?