Tolerance Much, Asma Elhuni? No, Not at All. The True Face of Intolerance - Which Is the End Result of Critical Race Theory - Granite Grok

Tolerance Much, Asma Elhuni? No, Not at All. The True Face of Intolerance – Which Is the End Result of Critical Race Theory

Asma Elhuni

Catch that “whiteness” bit by Haddad (below), NH Governor Chris Sununu? THIS is what you want to be taught in our schools and through your Government?  Such a Legacy you’ll leave.

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Such a thought left in the minds of many if you seek higher office. And we’ll be there to remind people, over and over and over again, that when it counted, you let this pestilence roam free. I thought that the entire Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s was meant to make us colorblind in that we would judge people by their character rather than by skin color.

I’m late on this story so apologies to NH State Rep Daryl Abbas for not covering this early. We’ve written a lot about CRT  (Critical Race Theory) because it is EXACTLY the tool that our enemies have been looking for to use – sow divisiveness, provide a means for confrontation, but worse, DEMAND Tribalism within faux Race claims, Power imbalances that are manufactured, and Oppression to give Marxists (and those other using this as cover).

And thanks to the execrable duo of Asma Elhuni and Derek Haddad, we have a PERFECT example of why the teaching and instruction of CRT in making it a foundational “value” is going to be a disaster:


Derek Haddad and Asma Elhuni


Note the utter intolerance for anyone of color that has a mind of their own. This Asma Elhuni, of Arabian descent, DEMANDS all actions by any one of her “race” must be based on skin color and ethnicity – conformity by melanin. What a rather STUPID idea to have but there she is – screaming into the wind about being a disgrace?


Derek Haddad and Asma Elhuni


Being an American FIRST? Is Assimilation a primary value to these two dunderheads? No – they’ve brought the Tribalism of the Middle East to New Hampshire tinged by the Marxist obsession with Power.

Sidenote: And that is the Power that the Democrat Identity Politics Group Totem Pole brings. If someone leaves or is found “off their Plantation”, the Left sends the “correct” skin color / Identity Group to attack them. Critical Race Theory as a blunt weapon of extortion.

How DARE YOU!” (to quote the eco-child Greta Thunberg) think for yourself!  Don’t you know that CRT DEMANDS that only Collective actions count (according to her Twitter account, she makes that point clear: “Collective Liberation – enough said“).

So who elected her Queen that can cancel someone else’s thoughts? Oh, we’re back to Middle Eastern Tribalism and the Democrat thirst for overall Power. She’s a race-based isolationist by her own words. She also seems to think that SHE makes the rules for him (and in her own mind as an “Organizer” and CRT practitioner, she does). In this, she displays, for all to see, that CRT is actually racism itself. Make no mistake, she’s a loudmouth lout being a bully for the Left.

Derek Haddad seems to be just along for the ride.  Of course, in commenting on either of their attacks on Daryll, I will be called a “White Conservative Oppressor” (what, as opposed to a White who has been White Guilted such that they can’t think for themselves anymore as they’ve made themselves victims of the worst sort – they’ve guilted themselves into bondage.

And that its REAL purpose is to attach Conservatives, Libertarians, and the politically non-aligned.  Congratulations to both of you dopes for letting us know that you are both race-baiters of the worst degrees.

Daryl’s too nice a guy to tell you what he really is thinking – he’s a gentleman.

Me too, until in paraphrasing the legendary words from Roadhouse, it’s not. And this time,  that time is here.

Oh, I almost forgot this:

Cathy Albisa, Vice President of Institutional and Sectoral Change at Race Forward, said HB 544 advocates are mistaken when they criticize CRT for being racist. “They try to reduce racism to an interpersonal level — what one person might feel about another, what one person might do in relation to another.

Seriously, thanks for the gaslighting. Yeah, well that’s out the window now, isn’t it? Both Elhuni and Haddad have made that perfectly clear. You can’t even be a decent apologist this time because of their own words; they just MADE it personal! They JUST DID what you claim CRT doesn’t do. Go ahead, change my mind.


(H/T: NH Journal)