Ok, “for the Trifecta!” – Last Teacher Post for Today – Publicly Saying They Are for Indoctrination - Granite Grok

Ok, “for the Trifecta!” – Last Teacher Post for Today – Publicly Saying They Are for Indoctrination

Brainwashing and indoctrination

NOTE: If you are a teacher that disagrees with what I’ve been posting, EMAIL me! If you disagree with what is being taught, how curriculum and handouts are political / racial doctrine instead of doing what Parents think is being taught – Academics. Skip@GraniteGrok.com – tell me your story about what is going on in your school.

In the mean time, this from 2013: So Dan, what say you when Government Teachers openly say they will indoctrinate their students against American Society?

…Steve catches the Left in its own detrius – if it was REALLY for the children, teachers would be all over anything and receptive of anything that actually yielded better educational results for the children (regardless of it being private or public organization, regardless of who does the teaching (union or not), regardless of who owns the building, et al).  Instead, any attempt in searching out better methods than the status quo are quickly demonized.

It’s as if the Teachers Unions believe that they are absolutely entitled to all the K-12 education money (and Hunter Dan’s comments enforce this).  So Dan, in defending the status quo model, must absolutely believe in the Occupy Oakland Teachers (and their demi-God and Obama’s BFF and former SDS / Weatherman / killer / American Society hater, “educator” Bill Ayers (emphasis mine, reformatted):

At least the teachers of Occupy Oakland are finally being honest about their political agenda.  They’re openly calling for an all-out abolition of capitalism.

The Occupy Oakland Education Committee – comprised of public school teachers from the Oakland, California school district – has renamed its publication “ClassRoom Struggle” and its platform TEACH, which stands for “Transform Education, Abolish Capitalism and Heal.”

Finally the radical teachers have acknowledged what we’ve been saying all along: they want to end capitalism and replace it with a socialist economy, quite possibly enforced by a totalitarian form of government.

And this is only possible with the majority model of publicly educating our youngsters being Government schools employing only Union Teachers -Parents want teachers to only teach the subject matter – and leave the “social justice“, secular humanism, and “critical thinking” out (be it in the teachers’ words or “built into” the subject matter that is used in the classrooms).  Often, this results in a belittling of the children beliefs and worldview (as taught by their parents).  And yes, many teachers believe it to BE their responsibility to “reprogram the kids the right thinking way (as I noted from some meetings up in Moultonboro, NH and reports from other parents).

And what, precisely, is their strategy? They tell us that goal number one is to abolish “capitalist schools.”

“What we are calling to abolish is not education but rather capitalism,” the group wrote in a statement. “We see the struggle to abolish capitalist schools as one place where we can begin to chip away at capitalism’s grasp on our society. Capitalist tendencies run deep into the structure and politics of schools.

Well, if it wasn’t for capitalism, there would be no taxes to pay these teachers, would there?  But given that their positions are locked in by contract, and working in Government, they have little idea how their economic world actually works outside of their micro-Ivory Towers.  Little do they know is that if they are successful, they will destroy themselves along with (for it we who pay the taxes have no jobs, they get no money).

Operated the proper way, these schools have a great deal of potential for left-wing causes, according to the Oakland group.

“While public schools have served a role in developing white supremacist, capitalist and imperialist ideology and social structure (for example through segregated schools, tracked programs, mandated pledge of allegiance, etc.), they have also been key sites of struggle and served as assets for movements of working class students of color and other youth struggles,” the group wrote.

The last part is the scariest. They clearly want to encourage rebellious behavior among young student and recruit them into their anti-American movement.

The teachers have an absolute right to subscribe to any silly political theory they choose. That’s one of the great things about living in the country they hate. But many teachers in Oakland and throughout the U.S. have been using their classrooms as “assets” for their radical movements. They seek to brainwash youngsters into hating America and mistrusting the economic system that has given our nation a very high standard of living.

This proves what domestic terrorist-turned-professor Bill Ayers recently said: Radical leftist teachers have a great deal of influence in our schools, and they should use it to further the revolutionary cause.

As I have said for years:

Children do not deserve a public education – they DO deserve a publicly funded education that follows them to where ever their best outcome would be.