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Media Doxxing Donors to Kyle Rittenhouse’s Legal Defense – Makes You Want to Donate, Right?

Kenosha Rittenhouse Self defense

A hacker collective called Distributed Denial of Secrets shared the donor list to a Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund. The end result is exactly what you’d expect. Some “journalists” went hunting. Their prey was those blessed sacred, “thank you so much” first responders (peace be upon them).

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I appreciate first responders for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that I accept that at some point, that might be me, and that’s a burden. We may all find that we need to be our own first responders, but they do that stuff every day.

They also know (or now know) what they are in for, and like any other profession, when it turns out to not be what you thought (like, say, media reports versus reality – if and when that switch finally flicks), you might have to walk away.

Those of us who become our own first responders by force and circumstance can’t; that’s how we get that “job.”

Kyle Rittenhouse provided first aid to folks injured during the (Mostly peaceful Kenosha, Wisconsin) riots. He was helping, regardless of what side you chose, and he seems to have known the risks.

He eventually became his own first responder because the alternative ended with him dead or near to it.

In the course of his self-defense, he injured one and killed two, and the Left hates him for that. He’s last years’ Joe the Plumber. Someone who went off script and got caught on film. A regular guy who asked the wrong question said the wrong words or did the wrong thing, and everyone noticed.

They noticed because the media decided they should and crafted a narrative to convict him in the public court.

Kyle is facing massive legal fees for the defense of his self-defense and a lot of folks have donated to help, including first responders (peace be upon them).

When the list of Kyle’s donors got hacked and published, some media folks decided that they had a narrative to craft and a public court to convince.

I’m from the media and here to ruin you.

Being put to the question is an olde method of torture. The Water Cure involves forcing large quantities of liquid to distend the stomach. Pain being the object.

Our modern equivalent is the media fire hose. The one they aimed at Rittenhouse but these folks didn’t shoot anyone while running for their lives. They donated ten bucks to a kid who has a right to a legal defense he can’t otherwise afford.

The idea is to find donors, corner them, hose them. Cancel them if necessary (like this officer from Norfolk).  by one or more in the pantheon of media gods whose job, at least on paper, used to be about asking questions to find the truth. Now it’s about asking questions that will get you ratings.

I think the appropriate response is to cancel the media, stop watching (I already did that), and then donate to help Kyle Rittenhouse, and hope they come to your door to ask you why so you can explain it to them.

But don’t be surprised if they don’t use you for their report.