I'll Be on the Life with Liz Show (This Morning around 11:20) - Granite Grok

I’ll Be on the Life with Liz Show (This Morning around 11:20)

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I was on with Liz Gabert of Life with Liz,  (WSMN 1590 AM) back in March and enjoyed it quite a bit. She then offered to have me on as a quick segment every other Monday – today is the start of that run and the segment is called Monday Morning Wakeup!  

I’ll line up some recent posts from around the Blogosphere, pulled mostly from GraniteGrok (naturally), and we’ll try to run through them in the time allotted. A mix of amusing, serious, and irritating – just right to get your blood moving (or boiling, depending on your point of view).

For this morning, I’ve already sent my candidate posts to her – but let’s see what happens because this can be ALL ad hoc at any time. After all, she’s the host and we’re just the talking heads. You can listen live here.

Ah! The “we” part. Grokster Steve predated me on going on her show – he’s on with Liz every 4th Wednesday of every month – but for an entire hour. So I guess I’ll be the appetizer to his meat and potatoes dinner!

So here’s our session from March 28th:

You can hear future segments of “Monday Morning Wakeup!” on the every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.