The Perfect Example of Someone Who Needs to Learn "Don’t Be Like There When You Come Here!" - Granite Grok

The Perfect Example of Someone Who Needs to Learn “Don’t Be Like There When You Come Here!”

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Alert Reader (and frequent Commenter and Op-Ed writer) Nitzkahon spotted this gem from Gracie Gato’s languishing Granite State Buzz (a site that just kinda sits there, month after month) that just PROVED the point of this:

Don't be like there when you come here!

Yep, once again, Gracie Gato has made herself the Object Lesson of the Day without any prompting from us. Her post PERFECTLY demonstrates the hubris and Holier-than-thou attitude of those from “theah” that believe we that are “heah” must be re-educated because we are in a backwater and they were from Progressive La-La Land.

My 4 year anniversary in New Hampshire.

This is a fish out of water story from the very start. Being from a large population metropolitan city to the country.

She recognized it – she wasn’t from “heah.” She realized that the norms of her “there” were not the norms of “here.”

Instead of being a polite newcomer that would assimilate, she decided to be a Zandra Rice-Hawkins or a Ruth Larson (A Progressive not from here who has less self-awareness than Hawkins) with even less self-awareness than Larson. Think I’m wrong?


I noticed people are simpler.

You can easily translate here “are simpler” to “simpleminded. Doubt me? Just keep reading:

Hard working, blue collar area. I thought since we are living the life, why not help this depressed little town attract big boy corporations that will force them into re-vocational training? Also – they would be exposed to other cultures. This could curb some ignorance about race in general.

I SHALL REMAKE THEM IN MY OWN IMAGE! In my beneficence, I will force change upon them (like it or not). Or, as Progressive were wont to say (before they realized people were getting mad at them) “we will evolve them.”

What grown adult, liking their jobs, lifestyle, and their environment, want to be thought of like children that have to be molded by other busybody adults who have a too high of a sense of themselves relative to others.

Nary a thought in her head that perhaps folks in NH really don’t care about your ethnicity or skin color? That we really only care about the content of your character?

Sure, there are a few cretins out there – just like anywhere else. That’s part and parcel of Humanity and you aren’t going “evolve” that out of anyone. Certainly not with Gato’s attitude.

But this seems to be the morality of those “not from here” – they HAVE to remake “here” into their “there” even as they left “there” for “here.”

And she has it in spades. Another example:

I decided to take this idea and run with it. I decided to run for local office and see what I can do. Well – you know how that turned out. No one could get passed the “you’re from California.” GOP knuckleheads don’t want me to change a thing. The kick backs are too good.

Sure, you’re from California. That may be been a signal to we Natives and near-Natives (transplants from “there” but assimilating to the Live Free or Die” ethos “here”). That wasn’t your problem. Your problem IS that you brought the “California Progressive Attitude” with you – and as I have said before, THAT’S what got you on the Z-list – your attitude that we didn’t measure up to YOUR standards instead of realizing that you needed to meet OURS.  You wanted to change OUR Culture after you voluntarily moved here instead of going slow and learning OUR Culture.

You rejected OUR Culture – and it wasn’t just “knuckleheads” that gave you the pushback. It was the Culture doing the pushback – even from some of your NH Progressives (I watched the tweets).

You alienated a lot of folks with your insouciance towards the rest of us and your deliberate disdain and smugness for what was “here” before you came “here.”

And to think, again, you said all that voluntarily. But in your lack of self-awareness, you’ll continue to not contemplate or reflect on “What have *I* done to deserve this? What did I do wrong?”

(H/T: Nitzkahon)