Covid Cases in New Hampshire are SKYROCKETING … - Granite Grok

Covid Cases in New Hampshire are SKYROCKETING …

This from the New York Times:

Indeed, New Hampshire is one of the worst of the worst:


Given that the survival rate for COVID is between 99.8% and 99.9% (essentially the same as the seasonal flu), the real takeaway from these numbers is that all the interventions the ruling class … including and especially New Hampshire’s self-crowned Sun-King Sununu … keep telling us “work” … masks, social distancing, capacity limits, etc. etc. etc. …. DON’T.

Note that all of the worst States for case rates are run by Democrat or RINO Governors and have mask mandates, etc.

Note also that the two big spikes in cases in New Hampshire coincide with the mask mandate (November 19, 2020) and “vaccines.”

If you want real data on the inefficacy of interventions, check out He provides a veritable treasure trove of information. For example: