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Bronze Statue of Greta Thunberg Mimics Green Movements Messed Up Priorities

Greta statue care of Fox News

A UK University has a new idol to worship. They dropped nearly £24,000 on a little bronze statue of little Climate Muppet Greta Thunberg. If you want to leave flowers, a responsibly sourced latte, or the head of an oil executive at her feet, you’ll first have to get past the angry staff.

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The University of Winchester has, for years, been delivering austerity cuts. Penny-pinching around the edges, so to speak, much to the dismay of the union. Especially now.


The Winchester branch of the University and College Union (UCU) said that although it “supports the role that Thunberg has played globally… This money should have been better used by preventing redundancies and other cuts at the university” after years of austerity.


You tell us to cut corners and do without then spend close to $33,000 US on a statue of Greta with whom they agree as a  matter of policy but not as a matter of statuary.


The University seems to believe it can buy whatever unique art it pleases to reflect better the culture and character of the establishment (Do all Colleges do that sort of thing?), which is brilliant (and yes, that’s sarcasm)!

We’re going to make you pay for the lifestyle we choose and just shut up about it. How is this not exactly how the limo-libs behave?

You have to exchange cheap, affordable, and abundant energy that allows you a more affordable lifestyle for penury (to save the planet). Simultaneously, the climate aristocracy lives at a level of luxury you could only achieve through a lifetime of political prostitution and sacrifices to their Climate god – and then only maybe.

We live like we’re trapped in the bronze age while they don’t, but they will be kind enough to scold us for daring to ask questions.

Questions like, do you have any idea how carbon-intensive it is to craft a bronze statue, even one the size of Great Thunburg?

The only thing green about that is what happens to the statue if you never clean it.