Breaking: Gov. Chris Sununu Announces End of NH Statewide Mask Mandate - Granite Grok

Breaking: Gov. Chris Sununu Announces End of NH Statewide Mask Mandate


Governor Sununu has announced that he will not renew the emergency order mandating masks statewide, which is good news but not great news. While businesses can now choose not to require masks, towns that still have mandates in force are not affected.

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You still have to adhere to those local mandates.

Businesses can also continue to require masks, so don’t give up on your medical exemption cards yet. You’ll need them, especially in these fearmongering Democrat-run bergs.

Hanover, Lebanon, Plainfield, and Enfield. Plymouth, Keene, Nashua, Exeter, Newmarket, Durham, and Portsmouth. Manchester, New London, Lyme, Shelburne, and Grham had unenforced mandates. So check your local witch doctor to see what magic powers your local government has wrongly attributed to face covering.

So, yeah, no more stupid useless statewide mandate, but the state is still asking that you continue to use them (fat chance of that).


Sununu said private businesses, cities, and towns can still require that masks be worn, but the state will no longer mandate it. … He urged Granite Staters to continue to wear masks while out in public because the virus is continuing to spread and hospitalizations are rising. … “The pandemic is not over, and we are not claiming victory by any means,” Sununu said.


The pandemic is not over. Pandemic.

For *hits and giggles, I looked at the numbers again; I know it’s been a while. You’re still as unlikely to need hospitalization, and your odds of dying if you are under 65 are near zero.

After a year…

Based on State Data, after a positive COVID19 Test in NH, Your…
4/15/21 % Risk of % Risk of Positive Test
Age Hospitalization Death Survival Rate
0-19 0.10% 0.00% 100%
20-39 0.273% 0.019% 99.99%
40-59 0.96% 0.15% 99.85%
60-69 3.33% 1.21% 98.79%
70+ 7.4% 13.27% 86.73%


The only way we can take the description ‘pandemic’ seriously in this context is if it is used to describe the political response to the SARS CoV2 Flu and all the damage that has done.

But “ever fear” we are still State of Emergency – Condition Red, Alert! Alert!

What a load of crap with a tiny bit less crap.

And finally, and more importantly, let’s find all the no-mask businesses and make sure we promote them!

The order officially expires on Friday.