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Please Excuse Our Virtual Dust

Under construction

If you find this site momentarily inaccessible, keep trying. We are in the process of dealing with some back-end changes to improve page-load speed. We’ve got a few ideas including changing features to the home page that may be dragging on page load time.

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We want your clicks to deliver that content to you as quickly as possible. Declining page load speeds is something we want to address.

The process of working it out (software and hardware) is not free like this website so we appreciate your patience.

Our goal is to maximize the experience.

If You’d Like to Help…

If you’d like to make one time or set up an automatic monthly donation to help support these costs (we all work for free around here and keep the “lights on thanks to your support” you can do that here.

We have to pay programmers and web designers and pay for the hardware to keep this beast on all four legs but we truly appreciate your time, attention, whether you support us financially or not.

And will continue to work to deliver the content and an experience worthy of that attention and support.

Thanks Again!