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Was Cuomo on a VP Shortlist (for Harris) But Now They Have to Show Him the Door?


What is one of the quickest ways to get Andrew Cuomo out of the spotlight? He’s in the cross-hairs for his mishandling of elderly patients. It looks bad for Democrats. How about a sexual harassment scandal?

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That’ll do the trick. And look, we now have a second woman accusing the Governor of New York.


After seeing Ms. Boylan detail her accusations against Mr. Cuomo, Ms. Bennett shared Ms. Boylan’s account on Twitter, suggesting that people read it if they wanted a true picture of “what it’s like to work for the Cuomo” administration.

The Times contacted Ms. Bennett, and she agreed to relate her own account of harassment. She said she felt an obligation to other victims of sexual harassment and wanted to counter the way Mr. Cuomo “wields his power.”


You can read icky details here (he is 63, and she is 25), but it is beginning to look like the writing is on the wall. The question I have is, “who signed the order.”

The Nursing home thing looks bad. It takes last summer’s love affair narratives with how well Cuomo managed the pandemic response and turned them 180 degrees. The Republicans killed grandma messaging no longer works. And you can’t have that guy (Cuomo) finding a way to survive that politically.

The Democrat-media establishment glorified Cuomo. If I had to guess, it was because he was on a shortlist to be a VP for Harris after they show Joe the door. Now he is a huge liability.

Democrats looking to move up in New York are happy to take Cuomo down. DNC chess players inside the Beltway have discovered he is no longer useful.

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I take this to mean that Cuomo has been like this for years, and they’ve been running cover, but now that they need him to move along, more young women are probably being lined up to call the press.

If true, when will Democrats like New Hampshire’s Shaheen, Hassan, and Kuster be given the okay to come out and pretend they suddenly care? The breaking of the seventh seal. The sanctioned faux-outrage which, if Cuomo needed to be protected, we’d never hear.

We’ll know it’s over then.

Exit question: Do they take his CNN talking head brother Chris with him?