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Trump CPAC Speech – No Third-Party And No Announcement He is Running in 2024

Trump CPAC 2021

President Donald Trump, after arriving about an hour late, delivered a ninety-minute speech at CPAC in Orlando that, in my opinion, was a bit underwhelming.

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Don’t get me wrong; it wasn’t bad. It may have even been good. Maybe I’m just this kid.

He made it clear early on that he had no interest in creating a third party. That the GOP was a viable vehicle for rescuing America and that Republicans could and would rise to the challenges set before us by Democrats.

He detailed his administration’s accomplishments to contrast them to the Biden Administrations’ failures and the Democrat’s priorities working against those of everyday Americans.

He even took time to say that he would not say if he planned to run in 2024.

But other than that, I didn’t learn anything new, and most of his remarks were repetitive rehashes.

There were funny moments, more than a few chants from the crowd, and lots of digs at opponents on both sides, but I didn’t walk away feeling much of anything.

Again, that could be me. Doing this every day, even just as a hobby, has that effect. Feel free to offer your thoughts below. And remember that this in no way is a reflection of the event or other speakers. I’ve seen some very inspirational content, some of which I have shared or will get to if time permits.

And except for government spending, I am still happy to say Mr. Trump’s policy agenda is otherwise on the money. His approach to trade, our economy, foreign policy, energy all work for me. America thrived under these efforts, and we stymied our enemies.

I want the GOP as a party to embrace them, defend them, and advance them. And I think it was good that President Trump took the time to remind us about these things, so we do not soon forget.

If Democrats were more interested in people and less interested in ruling them, we would still accomplish great things. That is not the case. The Left means to rule, and no cost is too high. Hoping that this bad example will set things right is not enough.

All in all, the speech was adequate, but I expected more. Again, that may be me, and you are encouraged to disagree.

And I hope that you do.

Note: I have a local copy of the speech which I may direct for consumption after. For now, here is the Reuters YouTube copy.