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It’s About Freaking Time Republicans Stood up in the Culture War

unborn baby in womb

It’s about freaking time the Republicans stood up in the Culture War brought to us by the Left. And on this issue, they have prevented a “Governor Northam moment” (here and here) by NH Democrats (the anti-baby Party).

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(Emphasis, mine.)

For Immediate Release
February 24, 2021
Contact: (603) 271-3665

NH House Passes Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Bedford, NH- House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) released the following statement in response to the House overturning the committee report and passing HB233, relative to the right of any infant born alive to medically appropriate and reasonable care and treatment, on a vote of 181-49.

“I do not understand how any infant who is born alive would not be given basic medical care under full protection of the law,’ said Osborne. ‘There is absolutely no reason why any child born alive should be left to die. I do not see this as a pro-choice vs. pro-life issue. This is an issue of basic human rights protected under our constitution, and this right should extend to those who cannot yet advocate for themselves. I applaud the House for overturning the committee report and passing this bill despite House Democrats’ attempt at obstructing House business.”

While House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) can’t think of a reason, it is VERY clear that NH Democrats do support “post-birth abortions.” And this time, there can’t be any yammering that “it’s not a human until it is birthed,” in these cases (and it doesn’t matter how RARE they are – they happen). This is literally  MURDER because the baby was born, was breathing, and most likely suffering from the hand of the doctor.

A baby. A live human – and the NH Democrats WANT it to die?

Before you accuse me of getting hyperbolic on this – how can it not be anything but murder? You have a baby, crying most likely, able to look up at you, able to respond to any number of stimuli, laying there before you. And Democrats, instead of wanting to cherish this new life, simply (and literally), want to walk away from it like it was part of the daily garbage?

Yet, that was part of the hissy fit that the Democrats showed yesterday. They CLAIM all kinds of Moral Superiority when it comes to Human Rights…unless it is an unwanted live baby. Then they turn into cruel, heartless beasts. Now I’ll go hyperbolic – their willingness to abandon that baby to die?

They might as well pick up the knife themselves and kill that baby right then and there instead of allowing it to suffer and finally die (which could take hours if not days). But they are too cowardly to back up their word and deeds to actually do the deed they want to outsource to others.

Right, Minority Leader Renny Cushing? You’re the one that led the charge to leave. Former NH GOP Committeeman Steve “I’m voting for Biden” Duprey must have smiled at your courage to try to kill such a bill, given his past support for Planned Parenthood.

And thank God that Republicans still cherish Life.

Except for NH House Judiciary Chair Ned Gordon (R) for siding with those baby death-loving Democrats and finding ALL the pro-life bill Inexpedient to Legislate – and Speaker Sherm Packard (R) for leaving him on the Committee. In this, Gordon did the deed but Packard made it possible. Go Death Team!

Andrew Breitbart, to remind you all again, famously said “Politics is downstream from culture.”

The Socialists CHANGED our culture – and changed our politics to where saving a born-alive baby is now controversially political. I will also remind you that a lot of Establishment Republicans believe that trying to fight that culture change is “icky” and beneath them (Right, former NH Doug Scammon (R)? With whom I had a screaming match over this “stay out of cultural issues” until I uttered “All Social Issues have Financial Costs” at which point he drew very, VERY quiet.).

If Republicans want to win the Political War, they MUST re-engage in the Culture Wars, 360. Poll and studies show that the younger crowd is giving up on traditional American values, the ones that made this a stellar country. Now, even President Asterisk (Dementia Joe, if you have to ask), says that we aren’t an exceptional country and more(and Bruce Currie, our resident Berni-Bro commenter, would change that to “never was” if you read his comments closely).

We’re at the tipping point from which the endpoint may mean “you can vote Socialism in but you’ll have to shoot your way out”.

I’d rather have our traditional teaching be brought back first and ditch the undermining that is now going on in our schools (since the New Left started its invasion of our educational system in the 60s).