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Is Biden’s Energy Agenda Suicide or Murder?


The Biden administration is preventing the development of multitrillion-dollar domestic resources. There are differing views on this but look at the difference between the Trump economy and the Obama economy.

The Biden administration is squandering America’s natural resources in pursuit of its “climate change” policies.

According to Obama Admin 2.0 we are (still) in a climate crisis due to carbon dioxide emissions yielded by fossil fuel consumption… and nothing else… and whether or not America’s actions can even offset actions by international players… You know like China and India. The U.S. did not import any oil from Saudi Arabia in January. Not being reliant on Middle East oil makes us safer and more independent.

A Voice in the wilderness

Stephen Moore remarks: “[In] Donald Trump’s last month in office, do you know how much oil we imported from Saudi Arabia? Zero. It was the first time that happened in 50 years… and it’s because [of] Trump. … It’s amazing, isn’t it? It is an incredible accomplishment. We’ve waited 50 years to become energy-independent, folks. We were finally independent.”

“Saudi Arabia had a knife at our throat… You had all sorts of gas shortages. Every time they raised the price of gas, the economy would go into recession. So we waited 50 years to become energy-independent. We finally arrived at that because Trump put America first… and he said, ‘Let’s produce all the energy we’ve got.’”

Remember the 1973 oil crisis caused by OPEC’s embargo on oil exports to the U.S.? Former President Trump went beyond domestic energy independence. He was pursuing global energy dominance. Trump did not want to be able to be energy-dependent. He wants to be energy dominant. We have more coal and more gas than any other country in the world.

The geopolitical implications of halting fossil fuel resource development are huge. Moore said:

“One of the biggest pipeline projects in the world is between Russia and China… to take all of that oil and gas up in Siberia and pipeline it to China… Is there any sane person who actually thinks China’s going to stop using fossil fuels? Do you think the Beijing communist government cares about climate change?”

Understand it, they mean what they say

We have got this treasure chest of trillions of dollars of energy but the left doesn’t want Americans to use it. That makes no sense… unless you are bent on destroying America.

Thousands will die and millions would be without electricity. It was true in Texas and in California.  That’s going to be a growing reality if the left’s “climate change” plans are imposed. We know because they have told us in their own words. The left wants to get rid of coal completely. They intend to end fossil fuels.

What if we had gotten rid of coal completely? You would have had tens of millions of people without heat in Texas and thousands of people die.

This is what the Left plans for you, national energy suicide or is it murder?