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Five Counties in the State of Oregon Are Voting to Leave And Join Idaho

We might be able to make a deal with Massachusetts. Sell them Vermont (cheap) if they will take Nashua. It’s just a suggestion. But along the same vein (sort of), five red counties in Oregon have had enough of Gov. Kate Brown and all that Oregon Democrat BS (Blue Sh!t).

They propose joining Idah to become a State Called Greater Idaho.

We’ve heard this sort of thing from counties in California, including plans to break that thing up into several new states and leave the leftiest-left coast to fend for itself. What’s different?

The Washington Times reports,


Move Oregon’s Border, also known as Greater Idaho, confirmed Tuesday that the initiative to move swaths of largely rural eastern and southern Oregon into Idaho qualified for the May 18 special election ballot in five counties: Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman.


They’re voting on it!

Why leave? Have you heard of Portland? The land of Antifa. How about their Governor Kate Brown and every clone of her that follows.


“Oregon is a powder keg because counties that belong in a red-state like Idaho are ruled by Portlanders,” said Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon’s Border, in a statement.


And there’s this.

1. Oregon will continue to get worse on social and cultural issues and American freedoms because Republicans are outnumbered. Addicts will be attracted to Oregon from all over the world by the 2020 drug decriminalization law.

2. Idaho enforces the law against rioters, forest fire arsonists, and other criminals. Idaho protects citizens.

3. Idaho is the state with the 8th smallest tax burden, and Oregon ranks 33rd, according to . Combining all taxes together, including sales tax, the average Idahoan pays $1722 less in taxes per year than the average Oregonian. That’s averaging together every adult or child, employed, retired or unemployed. And cost of living is 39% higher in Oregon than in Idaho. Oregon tax rates will continue to go up due to a lack of willingness to control spending.

4. Idaho allows forests to be managed to prevent destruction of housing from huge wildfires.

5. Idaho has less regulation than any other state, low unemployment, and would allow our rural industries to revive and employ us again, driving up wages and reducing welfare use.


Does Idaho even want them? Well, according to Greater Idaho it would be good for the state and the new counties that join it but the movement has bigger plans than just Oregon.

If the organizers had their way, Greater Idaho would include about 75% of the Oregon Land Mass and a chunk of Northern California.

Greater_Idaho_Split_Full large

These counties are all Republican but (like California) are forced to live under Democrat rule because the blue ghettoes are heavily populated and getting denser (in every sense of the word).

Greater_Idaho_Split_2016_Full By Polical Party
Greater_Idaho_Split_2016_Oregon -Full By Political Party

Secession is the ultimate expression of nullification, and Grater Idaho and is working on getting the plan on the ballot in every county on its map.

What happens if these counties vote to leave Oregon?

I have no clue, but I have popcorn, and that’s good enough for now.