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Biden Wants to Bail Out Failure

It’s only Fair

There is almost no evidence lockdowns, business closures, stay at home orders and other strategies have reduced the infection rates or death rates from the virus. Think about this. The” open” state of Florida has had a lower death rate, adjusted for the age distribution of the population, than “closed” states of California and New York.

It is true. Biden’s health officials can’t or won’t explain it. It’s only fair.

Fifty states did the virus experiment. There were many variations in responses to the virus. The verdict is in. The highest unemployment states are Hawaii, Nevada, California, Colorado, New York, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

On average, the blue states have 2% lower employment. This means millions of more jobless citizens. Their government revenues have collapsed. Businesses are failing because of government action. People are leaving. The blue states are squeezing the life out of their economies and their people. It’s only fair, right?

We choose our leaders

Why are New Yorkers putting up with their disastrous leadership? With socialists such as Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio calling the shots they are oppressed. Why are Californians tolerating Gov. Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti? It’s their business, but it doesn’t make much sense.

The “Leftists” in these blue states voted for higher taxes and more regulations. They chose high energy prices and economic lockdowns. That’s democracy in action. Now the latest census data and U-Haul trailer rental data confirm it. Those decisions are painful; probably wrong.

Productive people are “voting with their feet.” The race to get out of these states is accelerating. The New York Post reports about 1,000 Northeasterners every day are relocating. They are heading to Florida, Texas and Tennessee. The biggest population losers last year were deep-blue New York, Illinois and California. Why is that Batman? Why could that be?

Biden wants to give $400 billion to the failed blue states. It is almost like he has $400 billion. No wait he’s going to raise taxes on the places that would not do it to themselves. His plan is to take it from the prospering red states. That’s equity at work. You bust your hump, and get punished for it. It’s only fair, that’s what they tell you.

Is there a reward for good decision making and hard work?

The red states are the ones that didn’t shut down their economies or schools. The blue states get a bigger slice of the government pie. It is Robin Hood in reverse. The blue states generally have a higher per capita income than red states. So the Biden plan is to tax the poor to give to the rich. Got it?

The highly educated, culturally refined elites in Beverly Hills, California, and Long Island, New York are going on the dole. The very same Leftists, the “progressives” who generally thumb their nose at the working class “deplorables” in Middle America are going on the dole. They have fallen so far they now have to beg people in West Virginia, Arkansas and Mississippi for money. Ain’t that a hoot?

You’d think liberals would be ashamed. But no, you see, spending other people’s money is what they do best. Every Leftist in Congress, from Sen. Warren to Rep. AOC, will vote for a blue-state bailout. How is it they just cannot grasp, what they are doing? It’s only fair the government make us all the same… whether we like it or not. The same; not equal… the same outcome. The plan sucks.

They clearly are verifying the collapse of the very blue state leftist model. Yes, the same one they want to impose on all of America. The only conclusion is: They hate America, hate freedom and want to bring on poverty, tyranny and failure. Truth is a bitch some times. Let the good times roll. As Plutarch reports, King Leonidas I reply to Xerxes demand was “molon labe”.